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  1. It's over now the music of the night....

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      how did it go??

  2. Dust there is so much to say but right this minute I don't have time to type it all out. Between my two majors I have very little to actually peruse the forums like I used to. The one thing I do want to say is thank you for everything. I will post more after this evening because tonight my college is closing the national collegiate premier of The Phantom of the Opera. I love ya man ("not in the homo way, not that there is anything wrong with that") and take care.
  3. Cyn, I tried one of those 12 week things...and it didn't work they teach bare minimums. Anyway a college program may not give you a perfect shot. I have listened to these same conversations that you have and I still made the mistake of trying this accelerated program bit...now that I have seen the error of my ways I have to thank AK and a few other people whose usernames are escaping me right now. I am working on not just one but two degrees I am double majoring in Tech Theatre and Paramedicine.
  4. Hey Mobey, I maybe overthinking again...but what was the patients quality of life prior to this event?
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    chat times

    Hey Eric....take a look at this thread amigo...This Thread...
  6. Football as the rest of the world calls it tends to be a very show boat sport that individual is mostly just sticking with the energy level of the game....do I agree with what the "medic did not really" but do I think he deserves to be bashed...no.
  7. I don't want to threadjack here crotchity but...If we are going to report consensual sex between two minors are we going to report consensual sex between a minor and a adult....for example in CA if one half is 18 and the other half is 17 then the 18 y/o is guilty of statutory rape...even though it was consensual....is it truly a crime if both parties are within a reasonable age of each other?
  8. So after much hashing out of this call in the chat room...I would if I were an ALS provider get a written order from the doc ordering the transport...advise patient and family of all negative outcomes up to and including death. I would load the patient while providing stabilizing care and get on the horn with the receiving hospital as soon as possible asking the MICN to keep a doc available for consultation as needed. Then i would start to pray this guy didn't die. I need to add a couple of things to this post...Thanks Mobey Tcripp and Katie for hashing this out with me and helping me to better understand this also thanks for helping me start thinking outside of my BLS comfort zone and thinking as the ALS provider I will be in the future.
  9. Rest in Peace good sir thank you for all you have done.
  10. For us doing something like transporting an unstable patient 2 hrs away under my protocols would require a written order and in some cases this one I am not so sure about but some cases it would require a CCT unit. I suppose if the DNR is a simple Do Not Resuscitate or if it is a full on advanced directive.
  11. I would feel that unless I witnessed the verbal recension of the DNR that you should not provide life sustaining care in the patients current state. The way that I have always understood a DNR to work is that it is a legally binding document, the only way it could be rescinded is if another legal document revoking it was presented, the daughter had either medical or a durable power of attorney, or the patient states their wishes in front of you and another credible witness (eg. your partner, or the doctor). The patients daughter may very well concur with the plan however in absence of said power of attorney there is no legal power that the daughter wields. Now as far as the transport is concerned...as a BLS provider in my case I would refuse transport because I could not provide reasonable comfort measures based on the patients current needs. If I were an ALS provider I might consider the transfer to the "city" HOWEVER I would have the family be prepared for the worst case scenario and understand that the patient may not make it through the transfer. As far as the nurses statement "Dr. says he would like you to stabalize him and get him to the city ASAP.", I would not do any such thing with out a WRITTEN ORDER because as we all know if it is not written down it did not happen.
  12. Maybe all y'all should log into the chat room

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      Thats so 1994.

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      I was there...for over an hour. Had a nice chat with Kiwi. Where were you?


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      yes... chatting is so 90s.. talking to groups of people and having conversations in real time with multiple is sooo old! *rolls eyes*

  13. *Grabs the old mans cane and knocks some sense into him* You will do fine ya old man your a good person and you put 110% into everything you do, knowing that I would be honored to ride long side ya as your basic or alongside ya on a two wheeled machine because I know you will always have my back.
  14. Hey Nikl, Welcome to the looney bin...er City...like TCripp said now you actually have to get up and not complain about it.
  15. At least ya finally got them right lol I think this is worth a shot aaron!
  16. YOu will need your NREMT card in order to be certed in CA and then you will need to get your DOT stuff to be able to drive. That should do it seeing as CA finally got smart and went to state cards rather than having to be county by county. Oh yeah you also will need to be live scan fingerprinted.
  17. I think that a few other folks just might like it as well....
  18. Sorry Richard I shouldn't have abbreviated it and usalsfyre you are right it is Rural Metro.
  19. Doesn't EMS also fit into R/M somehow as well...
  20. Hey Happy, I am sorry for your loss but it sounds like you had one of those once in a lifetime patients. I am glad that you could experience that.
  21. OH man happy that was amazing and funny.
  22. I am looking for a hitman or a talented medic to put me out of the misery known as English1AB

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      Done and done.y friend.

  23. I love your avatar my friend.

  24. Ugly, I can't even imagine...as I stated in my post I was not in EMS yet but to this day I still have a hard time watching footage regarding that tragic day. I was working at a summer camp which I work at frequently a few years ago and one night on the off day between sessions the staff turned on a movie in the dining hall and it was World Trade Center with Nicholas Cage and a few others that I am not remembering right now. I started to watch it and as things started to get moving in the movie I had to walk out and cry. I to this day have never seen that entire movie. Now I told you that story to lead into this I am not a man that cry's easily at least not usually and while I was reading your story I cried. If we ever run into each other out in the big bad world, I would be honored to sit next to you and buy you a drink. Herbie I can not agree more with what you have said. I too live close to what could have been a high profile target I live very close to a major Naval Air Station here on the west coast, and you know there is something very eerie going on when all you hear is F/A 18 Hornets going afterburner over you and that is all you hear...our roads were dead and our skies were empty. The thing that hit me the most is that we have a major rail line through my hometown were trains pass through at least once an hour that day and for the next three days we never had a single train go through, talk about eerie.
  25. I had to pick my self up off the floor I was laughing so hard at this.
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