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  1. Ya, I think Im gonna start using this blog again to tell my feelings and get them out there so it isnt all over facebook and have people in my business that dont need to be...
  2. where are my peoples....

    1. nypamedic43


      hey Jen!! long time no see!! hope eveything is good with you :)

    2. JeniF371


      well you know... move away from drama, it comes to find you... LOL

  3. congrats jen good luck

  4. Doll, you have to trust me, I would NEVER pick a man like my ex! This guy is amazing and treats me like a princess. He is my saving grace! Colorado?? Hmm, I always wanted to learn how to ski... where at are you?

  5. Married? Married?? Without letting us vet your potential mate? Oh hell...nothing good can come from this... (Kisses girl, and wishes for the most amszing and wonderful life from the Womacks'in Colorado)

  6. Ok, update, Im getting married! I miss everyone! Going to Ireland for our honeymoon and maybe Germany.. Anyone talk to Jmac? I need him! lol

    1. scubanurse
    2. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      congrats Jeni! I still think that me and jeni go together like peas and carrots!

  7. I used to be a sponsoring member, what happened.... : (

  8. I used to be a sponsoring member, what happened.... : (

  9. I used to be a sponsoring member, what happened.... : (

  10. Im doing ok, need to get back on here more, Just crazy right now. Miss you!

  11. You are looking Jen how the heck you been?

  12. JeniF371


    pictures of me
  13. have a good day Jen

  14. well hello... how are you?

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