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  1. Violyn

    Another new guy, but perhaps a little different

    Welcome! And good luck.
  2. Violyn

    Blast Medics

    Hahaha. That is exactly why I did it that way. I'm glad someone noticed!
  3. Violyn

    Blast Medics

    Thank you so much for doing all of that for me. I went to my bank and cashed it first and then deposited it per their suggestion. I was assured that it was very safe and won't be revoked. I am so glad to finally have the money and to be able to put Blast Medics in the past. I am going to make sure that every EMT/Paramedic I know steers clear of them. They are based in NY, but staff events all over the country. Buh bye BMs!
  4. Violyn

    Blast Medics

    Well, I got a money order in the mail yesterday. Frankly, I'm shocked! I'm still going to cash it with some skepticism though. Time will tell...... The event I did was in October. It would be nice if it goes through and I finally get my pay plus the money I lost in this debacle.
  5. Violyn

    Blast Medics

    They are going to be seriously "blasted" after I give them a chance to send a money order, which I've been told is "in the mail". I have the phone number of the person in charge and have been sternly, but politely, requesting that this get fixed. When enough time has been given I will take legal action.
  6. Violyn

    Blast Medics

    It's terrible for them to take advantage like that and not fess up. Running away like scared children. I'm an EMT because I want to help people. We don't do what we do for the money, but we need all that we've worked for. Blastmedics is run by a paramedic and I think it's shameful to take advantage of and cheat one of their own.
  7. Violyn

    Blast Medics

    I had worked for them and been paid in the past, but this last bit has me pretty riled up. Needless to say, I will never work for them again and if anyone is approached to do an event for them, do so at your own risk. At this point they won't even answer my texts. Bad enough to not get paid, but then to lose $24 on top of that! They do, though, have an active Facebook page, not that that means much.
  8. Violyn

    Blast Medics

    I've done events for Blast Medics in Phoenix. Unfortunately, I haven't been paid for an event I did in October. I did receive two checks, both of which bounced, so in addition to not getting my initial payment, I've lost $24 in bank fees. I was sent a third check, but I don't want another check. I want to be paid in a more secure way. I won't work for this company ever again. It's a fun group if you get paid.
  9. It's been a while since I've been here. How's the activity? I don't see a chat room anymore. Has that been eliminated?
  10. Violyn

    Old folks Still here?

    Has anyone seen or heard anything from MedicNorth lately?
  11. Violyn

    Old folks Still here?

    I'm only partially old, but I'll say hi anyway.
  12. Violyn

    Info on paramedics in Arizona

    That might be me. Please feel free to IM me.
  13. Violyn

    Lock the ambulance doors.

    We were required to keep the rig running. Our rigs were so old they were afraid they wouldn't start again. There is no way they would install kill switches. We were lucky if fleet showed up when the rigs overheated.
  14. Violyn

    Branching out

    And yet one more time.....welcome!
  15. Violyn

    Old folks Still here?