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  1. emt2359

    Assaulted on the job?

    I was reading the article about the Woman sentenced to prison for biting paramedic and it made me wonder how many of you have been assaulted so I created a poll. Share your story below.
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  4. I have been reading a lot about a push back against 24hr shifts. I figured I would bring the question here where some real answers can be had instead of the short snippets of dredge that Facebook seems to attract. What are your thoughts?
  5. What is everyone's thoughts on this? This is a change.org petition to "Allow paramedics to continue to save lives with endotracheal intubation!" Should the will of the people supersede any data that says the opposite?
  6. Crap.. not sure why it did that. Try this: http://www.sacbee.com/news/article161544138.html
  7. emt2359

    Bumper riders

  8. Looks like things are heating up between two private companies. http://An ambulance company claims its rival slashed brake lines and shot out windows, lawsuit says
  9. Former AMR EMT alleges sex is common at Las Vegas fire stations Full Article https://www.reviewjournal.com/local/local-las-vegas/woman-alleges-sex-is-common-at-las-vegas-fire-stations/
  10. emt2359

    New guy on this forum

    Welcome aboard!
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  12. emt2359

    Accelerated EMT Course

    Depends on what is considered accelerated. Is it over 2 months instead of 4?
  13. emt2359

    AED analyzing heart rhythm

    Also, the AHA guidelines suggests, if possible, to resume compression while the machine is charging and pause again when ready to shock.