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  1. Looks like the NREMT is getting pressure to allow states to approve Paramedic courses in leu of CoAEMSP. https://nremt.org/News/An-open-letter-to-the-National-EMS-Community-from Is the CoAEMSP requirement limiting the amount of new Medics? Should the states have control over the programs vs a 3rd party?
  2. We were having this debate at our station. What are your thoughts?
  3. I just read an article on FireRescue that said that San Antonio is looking to purchase an "armored medical vehicle" for the agency. What are your thoughts about armored vehicles? Is your department seeking one? https://www.firerescue1.com/fire-products/specialty-vehicles/articles/san-antonio-looking-to-buy-armored-ems-vehicle-for-fd-VVglt8cuZEedUfxi/?fbclid=IwAR2epvyNOsUJosfgJe98brOqc3OOv0Zwih3Iq_pWdKBh8XizR74enqOU3WI
  4. @yakc130 I agree that inconsistency is frustrating. I think a lot of the issue is the lack of a clear message from the local level to the president of The United States. The lack of leadership all around has created a monster that they cannot get back into the box.
  5. Do you know of anyone that has quit EMS due to COVID-19? Did they give a reason?
  6. Hi @yakc130, Interesting point. I am not sure if new EMTs really understand what they are getting into. With most courses under 200 hours only a small fraction is spend on infectious diseases with emphasis on washing your hands. Could this be another reason why EMS should have a degree requirement so there is a greater understanding of what can happen?
  7. Thanks! Were they allocated to NY?
  8. I just saw a few posts online from people saying they know of out of state EMS units being deployed to NY to cover due to COVID-19. Anyone have more information?
  9. Makes me wonder if this will drive some providers out of the field once this is all said and done.
  10. I have seen this idea being brought up on social media. What are your thoughts?
  11. Hi everyone! Just checking in to see what different areas of the country are doing as far as equipment, training and any other changes that are a result of the pandemic. I look forward to chatting with everyone.
  12. Hi @EMT2020 I am assuming you are getting in trouble for "being compassionate"? I was a little confused with the post.
  13. Looks like the Mass companies just keep on coming north.... https://www.conwaydailysun.com/business/local/action-ambulance-expanding-life-support-services/article_0fdaeca6-0578-11ea-9a0d-2b2874d78876.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share&fbclid=IwAR0_8A8lkyJehQ5x1NhdYXLnzdTGT4aLgUmKbzmU1z0xcyXAR-dm2ADUmis
  14. Could this be the future? I found this interesting article on ZDNet about the use of the new cellular technology to provide real time interaction with physician at the hospital. Is this something you would embrace or would you feel like someone is looking over your shoulder all the time? https://www.zdnet.com/video/how-to-make-the-most-of-big-data-in-your-organisation/
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