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  1. Off Label

    CRASH 3; TBI and TXA

    The issues of hyperfibrinolysis and fibrinolysis shutdown are issues that bring to the fore the importance of timing of TXA, TBI aside. Multisystem trauma is pretty likely in patients with TBI, and I think one of the CRASH trials does suggest that if you don't get the timing right, you may do harm.
  2. The guy is probably there because of some well intentioned charitable gesture someone is making. Is there really a concern he'll make it to something more than routine IFT's if even that? I'd just consider graciously tolerating him part of my training. Take the high road and just complete the course work and go.
  3. Radiographic interpretation is an advanced practice/physician level skill that requires credentialing and a formal privileging process. Out of scope for pre-hospital use.
  4. Aux États-Unis, le niveau de sophistication médicale de l'ambulance ne peut pas prendre en charge de telles entités de diagnostic avancées. De nombreuses fois, nous ne pouvion s pas traiter ce que nous avons trouvé avec ces appareils de toute façon.
  5. Without the order, I guess you don't treat the pain. I wouldn't give an order for pain with what you've given here...what was the report to the doc?
  6. What are we supposed to get from an abstract? I couldn't read the whole study so all I can say is that the authors are saying that mask ventilation isn't inferior to intubation. Unless someone has passed the pay wall for this journal, no one else can make any coherent statement either. "Not inferior" is being used as a a statistical term here and does not have the same significance as a conversational "just as good". Abstracts are useless, really.
  7. What additional resources would have helped here?
  8. I'd say he died from complications of obesity.
  9. That medics know just enough to look stupid? That's as rude as calling someone you don't know a moron. That he died of a debilitating and painful disease is a real tragedy, but if he was the upstanding guy he apparently was, he'd own that.
  10. As quiet as this site is, it's better than nuthin'
  11. I wondered why that took so long to be challenged too.
  12. Glad you're OK and doing well.
  13. Don't forget a little salt and pepper and some butter.....oh, and some napkins
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