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  1. CROM

    Spinal Restriction

    Lol. Last year my service stopped using back boards or spine boards. All due to an international study. (Don't remember the name). 90% of the Area physicians agree. We now use the boards to move patients and then remove the boards. Patients remain in a c-collar. I'm just wondering how much of the Nation and international EMS services are also following this treatment.
  2. Just wondering how many services are no longer using backboards to spinal "immobilize" or restrict patients with back pain from trauma?
  3. I've been away for years from this site. Stopped following because I lost interest and there were always someone arguing about a post. Just lost interest and began other hobbies. Came back to site today to see if anything had changed. Who knows? Maybe I'll visit more often again.
  4. Let's see - It doesn't mention that the pt was wheelchair bound only that he was in one. Many casinos have wheelchairs for their patrons if they get ill. Lots of people do carry legally concealed firearms without the intent to shoot Paramedics/EMT's. But Obviously the writer had a suspicion that the subject might be carrying a weapon and be inclined to violence. Anytime Drugs or alcohol are involved with a weapon carrying individual the desire to use it increases. Not only that, but any loaded firearm can discharge at the most inappropriate time (with you at the wrong end),so knowing that it is there can be helpful to you. No it doesn't factor into the pt's medical condition but it factors in to your safety. So I understand the writers concern.
  5. Personal Respect. In this business the respect should always go up and be earned. What do I mean? When a Newbie comes in - Respect the experienced providers and listen, if you find out that the "Old Timer" doesn't know what he's doing then respect is lost. As a new employee you are not giving respect - you must earn it. Work, Listen, LEARN. Not everything you were taught in EMT school fits w/ real life. You will be tested and treated bad. It is a hardening/learning process. When you hit the door running either on Emergencies or multiple non emergent transfers I don't have time to cuddle your learning or be nice to your feelings. I do not condone making newbies do the dirty jobs because I don't like them or dislike the jobs, I make them do them to learn something. It's better to be hard on them now than wait until a call makes it hard on them and they can't get the airway suctioned while intubating and figuring the correct dose of the next medication. Its a lot like a military boot camp. What kind of warriors would we have if the D.I.'s cuddled the recruits and respected their feelings/emotions at every level? As I stated earlier not everyone who passes the EMT Certifications is cut out to be in EMS/Prehospital care. A Weeding out must be done because our education system only coddles and passes for the money earned the teaching institution or out of fear of a violated rights law suit.
  6. Good luck! Being a warrior is a much better profession.
  7. Always check your rig. Document and replace what is missing then turn in said document(checksheet) to management. If they are doing their job they should handle it properly.
  8. Let's face the truth. Not everyone in EMS/Healthcare is cut out to be there. It is not for some humans, but they try. Eating our own is a way to weed out the ones that shouldn't be there. It seems that we have not done a good job of that though. If a person is new and goes through the harding process and learns - then maybe this is for them. It a least makes them a little better. Education is a key factor but so is natural ability and attitude and face it=INTELLIGENCE. If you ain't got it and ain't getting it - GET OUT. And maybe we in the "service" should be a little harder on the newbies.
  9. These are no good. Need to get rid of them. It's plain craziness to want to tranport on a fire engine or fight fire from an ambulance.
  10. Start a lock, then hang a line for fluid if needed, same amount of time and cost is negligible. Then if tubing needs to be changed in hospital it is easier.
  11. Our hospital uses our field draws but just for cardiac lab baselines, anything else they throw away.
  12. True men don't worryabout hair, shave it, cut it short, leave it long pull it back to a pony tale doesn't matter.
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