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  1. Lotus


    It was just being sick. I just got done EMT school on may 12th
  2. Lotus


    Well guys, I'm not sick. You all knew. this but still. I did it for attention and Im sorry. It doesnt make up for anything and I dont deserve to be here. Ive misled some and broken many hearts. Its wrong to have done so but I won't lie to you any longer
  3. No way! Just because you're in the hospital alot and really sick doesn't mean you can't do it! Everyone here taught me that And I'm a totally lazy bum so you can do even better at stuff! Once you're better and can start again you'll realize the wait is worth it cause stuffs always better when you struggle or wait for it right? Don't give up, you'll be a super great medic one day
  4. Umm...i don't really have advice for you but I hope you'll be ok and I'm here if you need someone. So if you think of anything i could do even if its simple like sending a card I'll be more than happy to but in the meantime just do things you like and enjoy stuff you know?
  5. Lotus


    Dude...ive asked them to do a skype chat before thatd be awesome! I'm on a phone so I dunno how quickly or slowly requests come up but yeah thatd be fun! But if that happens....im watching ru paul. So yeah....just letting you know
  6. Lotus


    Ok...I'm sorry you've been hurt like that beore by people. But I'm not them. I even have a picture of the AED up. I seriously saw everyone as a friend and teacher. I still do. I'm willing to answer questions, but not fight about it. Whats the point in doing that? Thats just the point I was trying to make. Not go away from anything. I'm not lying about anything so I have no problem answering questions about it unless its weird stuff...just please stop fighting about it and starting the red scare again ;-;
  7. Lotus


    And seriously....why is this even such a big major deal to you guys? Don't you guys have better stuff to do? Like doing things for yourself or your families or posting stuff that could be educational or funny? I mean, what's the point of fighting and such over someone you don't even know or met over the internet? Really guys, I'm not that important :/ Make doughnuts, not war.
  8. Lotus


    If I go out its in its little case. Just so one's around. I'm never alone. Its happened once in quite somee time...and when i felt pretty sick i just called 911. My parents take turns sleeping....my moms usually around to but when she's not my dad does it. I'm at home now, but I'm usually at Virtua. Sometimes Kennedy though.
  9. Lotus


    Oh..and er doc I'm 17 now. They tried the ICD. They all ended up shorting out or maldunctioning. It was only a couple of them...2 or 3... but i just got tired of the whole surgery thing :/
  10. Lotus


    Look...i dont care what you say to me. It doesn't matter. But dont you DARE say that to him. He's a precious friend. If you have a problem with me, go insult me. But don't insult or hurt him. Please...
  11. Lotus


    Wait....WHAT? ;-; Box told me about people that faked stuff like illnesses and such...but that....that's even more than terrible. Im sorry for such behavior that put you through stuff like that -hug- ;-;
  12. Lotus


    Well by waking up. Does it not normally happen thar way? O.o' and I'm not 16 ak...;w; but anyway what does my age have to do with anything?
  13. Lotus


    But i only have today and maybe tomorrow....
  14. Lotus


    But....its in a month ;w;
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