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  1. Seraph

    LT 1

    That may be true....but I would have hoped that she would remember being called Lt1 ... but is what it is...
  2. Seraph

    LT 1

    Were you formerly known as ruffemt or some variation of that? I never and never would post anything about patients and what not if I was an EMT. But I did stuff in here more so in chat that ppl took as immature and they are still on this site ... even though they may have forgotten, I haven't and feel better for putting this apology out there ya know ... and hopefully but with no luck finding LT1
  3. Seraph

    LT 1

    There were and still are a few up here that had to deal with my immaturity... but I was hoping to find LT1 and I guess she is not up here any more ... ftr I am not a medic
  4. Seraph

    LT 1

    I was formerly known as browncoat4life ... that was when I was immature and what not ... as I've said I've grown ... I was also known as Bad_LT or something like that ... I also wanted to say I'm truly sorry for all the immature crap I did under those names ...
  5. Seraph

    LT 1

    I have been out of the world for a spell. But I had to do some growing up and maturing. So I closed my Facebook page down even though it is still active That one is no longer Active. But I am looking for someone that I used to call LT one. and they would call me LT 2. If you're still up here LT one? Message me Please because you're a good buddy back then and I do have good people in my life again. At least on Facebook for whatever. And pardon the grammar. As I'm using a talk to text program. So anyways. Into everybody else I'm a big fan of the field And have the up most respect for you all.
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