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  1. * Just add some Scotchlite and it's ANSI compliant. *[sup:6a6341978d]Bimbo's not included.[/sup:6a6341978d]
  2. Same thing almost happened in Tulsa. St John's was building their new tower and had construction cranes up. One was near the old tower and the pad. An out of state crew not knowing about the cranes almost hit one coming in. Very scary.
  3. My partner and I put out a car fire with the extinguishers from the unit. The car caught on fire in the parking lot of the store we were posted at. Fire arrived about five minutes later, pissed off we did their job. The irony was astounding. :wink:
  4. All the medicine and physiology aside there is a reason you do not see a lot of Glucagon use in EMS, the cost. It runs about $100 a kit. Take our protocols for Calcium Channel Blocker and Beta Blocker overdoses. If the patient is Bradycardic we give 5mg Glucagon as well as Atropine, CaCl[sub:e1cb048b3b]2[/sub:e1cb048b3b], and Dopamine or an Epi drip. That is over $500 worth of Glucagon!! With Medicare capitating ALS transport at what $400, you can see why many places do not like the use of Glucagon. It is actually the most expensive drug we carry.
  5. What the hell!! Did I miss a memo or something? First Dwayne and now Kaisu!!! When did NREMT drop their standards!! Just kidding of course. Congrats and good job. You should be receiving your super secret decoder ring and key to the special Paramedic bathrooms in the mail. Welcome.
  6. I was going to comment but I had to enter a patient into the trauma system with a c/c of big toe laceration. I think he is going to make it but it was touch and go for a while. Anyway the call just wore me out. Seriously though if you do not understand the dominoes in motion that Vent spoke of and how they can or cannot benefit your patient you should not be calling trauma alerts.
  7. Well at least Dr Romano wasn't killed this time. Glad everyone is OK. I've always found roof pads disconcerting for this very reason, yet I understand for many hospitals there is no choice.
  8. Actually you do not need any special probes if you just remove the ear from the head. :shock:
  9. Also both professions deal with a lot of shit. Except ours talks and complains about stuff. $89,000 rig? I'm thinking they want a shiny new brush truck to fight fires to save $400 mobile homes.
  10. I have always thought 'Willing' by Linda Ronstadt was a good EMS song. 'Just give me weed, whites and wine and give me a sign and I'll be willing to keep on moving'
  11. You know what I find kind of amusing? Is everyone is assuming these where white guys saying things about black guys. Why is that? Maybe because if it was the other way around the media wouldn't care?
  12. I think your mistaken Spenac, that's not Oklahoma. That is a picture of the the Dean for the University of Texas at his wedding. GO SOONERS!!!!
  13. Why, oh why he cried, my lovely thread has died. He wandered through fields of posts meant to inspire, for they dared not question the need for volunteer fire. What he does not know that his post erased, not with malice but for other reasons it was based. The reason his post is lost he will probably never know why, alas this thread is also, almost surely going to die. For the King and Lords of this land can be harsh in their manner, and all the discourse one can muster is not going to matter. So mourn for him his thread and suffer his losses, but it's not going to change
  14. I also have a major allergy, it seems to come from a group of specific patients though. They tend to be those involved in MVC's or drug OD's. Yeah, I am pretty sure I am allergic to bullshit. Does Claritin help with that?
  15. For those that don't know my minor in college was Journalism and I used to work in the Newsroom of a major daily fish wrapper. I once had a talk with a reporter who used the term ambulance driver in a story. I tried to explain to her that we are not just drivers and talked about the interventions and education we bring to the table. She stated but you do drive an ambulance so you are an ambulance driver. I asked her if she would like to be known as a typist since a large part of her job is typing. She of course did not appreciate that but I hope I got a point across. What it comes
  16. So the drill is a bus roll over with a bunch of unbelted children in the bus. Looking good!!! Umm not so much. No collar and victims standing in said crashed bus. Also why are they coming in thru the 'top' since there is a nice door with victims waiting for rescue. Holy crap! Did I mention this is a rollover!! Carrying a soon to be quad to the triage area. Other soon to be paraplegics still watching. Now I know this is a drill but it seems to me someone wasn't working real hard to make it realistic. Or maybe the sad truth is, this is realistic. :wink:
  17. That was the problem right there. I don't believe many people on this board or EMS in general consider L.A. to be part of the modern EMS system. They are still running off the Johnny and Roy model.
  18. Couple of things I do know. The don't smoke Marijuana in Muskogee. They don't their trips on LSD. They don't burn their draft cards down on Main street. Oh yeah they have a Castle that has a really great Ren Fair.
  19. Ahh that was nice, Thank You. Personally I like this one.
  20. Sounds like you need to do something for your staff. Have a Barbecue, set up days of giveaways. One service I worked for went to the public and got gifts for all their employees. Management would also wash the cars of the employees during the week. Make up snazzy t-shirts for your crews. Burn your manager in effigy. Make it a fun week for your staff, that's who it is about. We serve the public 365 days a year. Give one week to the staff to let them know you appreciate them.
  21. Hey I'm just impressed they have doors & electricity in that part of Colorado now. Sorry Rat just couldn't pass it up!
  22. They are also using the Alpha Blocker Prazosin (Minipress) for long term PTSD treatment.
  23. Well there is always Firehouse Forums where you will see brilliant statements like this.
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