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  1. ALS vs BLS.....There is a lot a paramedic can do for a trauma patient. Advanced skills that is out f my scope...so are we talking strickly intubation and airway management here or in the diffs in scope?
  2. O2 tank at the back of the head.......
  3. He was an average sized guy, maybe leaning more towards heavy. I cannot remember what the breath sounds were like but I'm sure they must have been clear or I would remember otherwise
  4. Thank you for posting the online outcome of the clip. I also have this video on my computer after a friend sent it to me and had heard thru a random conversation during a course, the pedestrian had lived but wasnt sure if it was true or not. Thanks again for posting that Ryder
  5. a lot of the songs off of the new nickleback cd makes me think of the last service I worked for. I used to always drive my Jeep into the bay while listening to that cd and I would clean my truck out of shear boredom....
  6. ak.....I have a serious cardiac problem and because of it have ALWAYS warn a medic alert both off and on duty :wink: I'm sorry you got offended by my last post. This post is for me to see what are the opinions of those of you who are in the field. Take Care
  7. I agree with what has been said. If you have a health concern that might require addressing if you end up unsconcious then thats fine. What happens if you end being a patient but as your medic gets ready to start an IV you notice that he/she is wearring a medic alert...what would you think about that? I think if it were me I might wonder why the heck they are in the field if they have a medical condition that would require attention.... I have never been in that position but it makes me wonder. :?:
  8. ....played Mario Party7 and ate junk food til 5 in the morning....
  9. What are your thoughts on that one. Started this convo in the chatroom...what do you think about that?
  10. I forgot to put in the first post to also give credit to OzMedic for helping me put the video together! I was able to use multiple shots that are seen in the slideshow. Thank you Oz!
  11. I made one last video for you guys. I was up all night making it because I got a little into it. I hope you enjoy it. Any comments or thoughts on it are appreciated. I wouldnt mind knowing what you guys think of it. Thank you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFql90GVbGE
  12. EMT in AB, Canada WOAHAHA Having our own forum us just not good..... 8)
  13. LMBO!!!! "Will eat you not poison you"....Its hilarious because its so true! I LOVE THAT COMMENT!
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