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  1. Do I change the sheets? Never, I'm married why would I ever change the sheets I...Oh wait. At work? Oh yeah definitely. And on that note Scaramedic is running back into oblivion.
  2. When I started on this website Dust had an avatar of Lahey from Trailer Parks Boys. For the longest time I always thought that was him. It wasn't until I actually watched the show (on his advice) that I realized I was an idiot. Thanks for that Dust, I love that show and the movies that followed. EMS has lost another of it's Old Guard. The ones whose passion for EMS helped to bring it into the light. The ones that paved the way for those of us that came later. We all owe a debt to those who came before. The ones that help Medics grow beyond ambulance drivers, and drove us towards be
  3. Wow, I go away for a few years and the place goes to hell. Donating now. Fight the Good Fight!
  4. How would a dispatcher code this??? Priority one, Abdominal pain? Priority one, Hemorrhage?? Field treatment?? Do you bring in the tape to show the Doc? Kind of like bringing in the snake so the Doc gets the right antivenin.
  5. Ughh, where to start? First off the amount of Morphine a pt can handle is based on a ton of factors. Are they chronically on MS? I once had a Chronic Pain pt on 400mg of MS a day. Do you really think 5mg is going to affect this pt in the least? Are they in a great amount of pain? Burn victims can require large doses of MS. To simply say that the dose should be 5-10 is wrong and feels an awful lot like cookbook Medicine. $5K???? I could put together a kit like that for the cost of the bag and maybe a few hundred more just by 'procuring' what I need. Only someone NOT in the field c
  6. Personally I am hoping for ZOMBIES!!! The original Dawn of the Dead kind not the fast moving remake Zombies. This is the reason I am stocking up on the big 3, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms! Zombie Squad - Rednecks with guns, scarier than Zombies actually!!
  7. I knew I should have pulled out!!! :evil:
  8. I'm sorry I have really forgotten what an EMERGENCY is. I am too busy running on people who think a headache or a fever of 100F is an emergency.
  9. Am I really the only one missing the irony that it is two Hispanic individuals who are attempting to protect our borders (right or wrong) and that it is the lilly white Berkley douche bag who is raising such a fuss? Also one of the Agents is named P. Villa!
  10. I googled 'Fleshlight' and found this site. Thanks, AK! :roll:
  11. There is no deep dark secret in regards to Admin, it is simply a privacy issue. He is currently a pre-op transsexual. He has been taken estrogen and other female hormones. He is on the list for his surgery soon and will re-appear as Mrs Administrator, or maybe Mrs Garrison.
  12. Welcome to chat loser!! :evil:
  13. I do not know specifics on this one. If I remember right from working summer help at a large paper mill, in order to open/close large breakers of like 100,000 volts you have to charge up a breaker to overcome the resistance to open or close. It looks like to me he was priming the breaker and when it finally closed it shorted and basically vaporized him. Nasty but probably painless way to go. Imagine an electric chair times a 100. Sorry AK, I do not know of any other links, someone sent it to me. It is basically a guy getting fried by high voltage.
  14. [web:037e855e55]http://www.yourfilehost.com/media.php?cat=video&file=expolde.wmv[/web:037e855e55] All I can say is damn!!!
  15. The only multi-use tool I carry is the one your sister likes so much!
  16. I wish just once we had a literate volunteer to try and make these arguments. I spend a lot of time fishing does that make me a professional fisherman? A hobby is a hobby Shakespeare. Deal with it and move yourself up to a professional level, the education obviously is needed in your case. That has to be the single most ignorant statement I have ever read on this site. Not even worthy of further reply.
  17. Yeah, I agree on the hat. I bet if you look in Guinness you'll find that hat has appeared in more booking photos than any other in history. :wink:
  18. Hyperkalemia 500mg Calcium Channel Blocker OD, Beta Blocker OD with bradycardia 250-500mg Peds 20mg/kg
  19. We don't want to hear about your attempts at getting some on scene.
  20. Well I'm thinking about buying stock in Gall's. Since the 'passion' you speak of induces volleys to buy loads of t-shirts, badges, jump kits, EMT socks and Firefighter belt buckles. Hell I love your passion it will make me rich. :wink:
  21. In short we would assess more and treat less. We would be able to differentiate between what we think the patient needs and would start treating based on what our patient really needs and what will be best in the long run, not the short run.
  22. Damn!! They're letting Ted Kennedy drive already??
  23. It was tough as hell for me to get citizenship. I had to crawl out of a vagina!!!EWWWWWW!!!!!
  24. Depends what she wants. A simple escort service is a $100 for 4 hrs. If she wants to go back to her room it's a $200/hr plus $25 per orga... Oh wait, your talking about on the ambulance. Sorry. :oops:
  25. I feel like the lone voice in the wilderness sometimes. But as I have been saying Fire, Police and EMS are going to have to get used to doing things differently. We are going to have to ask ourselves are the big rigs really necessary. It always seems the bigger the ambulance the more likely it belongs to an FD that does not even transport. The days of a 100' ariel responding to a chest pain and burning $40 worth of diesel are coming to an end. The city I work in is considering dropping their Paramedic responses do to increasing costs of fuel. Taxpayers are getting bent over by fuel c
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