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  1. Hey Dusty here's the difference in the cost of living between the two regions. I know the numbers are alot bigger than any Para salary but it gives ya an idea. Found this on a real estate site. Your right there is a huge difference. Portland OR income of 100,000 = San Jose income of 167,476.
  2. I gave a lap dance to an ipod because I was high. So I'm Whitney Houston? :toothy10:
  3. 58% Dixie. Barely in Dixie Yeehaw!!!!! Dude? :usa2:
  4. My partner and I responded to a cardiac arrest, the door was answered by an extremely sweet elderly lady who pointed us to her husband laying on the floor, she then disappeared into the kitchen. We started working the code, but every time I had a question she would pop out answer the question and then ask something like "are you boys hungry?", "I have cookies I just Baked" or "would you like a soda, I think I have Pepsi." So I found myself uttering the following phrase "CLEAR! (shock) no thanks ma'am we just ate, maybe next time."
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