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  1. The problem in Oklahoma was many counties/cities were covered my mom & pop operations that ran on very tight budgets. With the decreased funding from Medicare and Medicaid via capitation they could not hold the companies together.
  2. First off please use paragraphs and proper grammar. Failure to do so makes your opinion very hard to read and many of your points will be lost in translation. Also capitalize the first words in each sentence and 'ur' is not a word. Now onto the points you covered. Every Paramedic on this site does accident reconstruction in some form or another. This is how we convey to the Doctors what happened on scene. In the photo above I see a truck parked on the side of the road. The vehicle is parked off the road, to the right of the white line by at least two feet. The only way the accide
  3. Tow truck drivers? If this creates more CISD or group hugs crap I am going to have find a tower and take out some PTSD ala Charles Whitman.:evil:
  4. I agree Dwayne, you did nothing out of line here. If one chooses to use a forum like this to advertise their product then they also risk getting ripped if the product fails to live up to the expectations of the buyer. It's a double edge sword. One of these days I am going to order one of those snazzy O2 wrenches from NYC. I always carry an extra wrench in my jump kit. I believe the one I currently carry is from the Civil war so it's time for an update. If I order it and it turns out yo be crap (which I doubt it will, this is just an illustration) then I am going to call him on it t
  5. This is just plain stupid. How are you going to load if your on the side of a highway. Park the unit eight feet onto the highway to do avoid a guardrail? Put the patient in from the other side and place them eight feet onto the highway? Also if your sitting on the back side, the normal position to face a patient in the left lateral recumbent idea, and get rear ended hard your toast. You would be sitting with your back an area that tends to crush like a beer can. They mention frontal impacts multiple times, apparently they fail to realize that an ambulance is more likely going to take
  6. Quick and simple. We have a positive political relationship with the Vietnamese government, the Paris Peace accord recognized the independence of the Vietnam Republic. We withdrew our troops and the North took the South. In 1986 the Communist Party moved towards a free trade program. We now not only trade freely with Vietnam we even have an Embassy in Hanoi. Cuba and the U.S. have no political relationship. We still have an embargo against doing business with Cuba and have no embassy there.
  7. The State of Florida EMS has that school listed on it's website as approved for CME. When I had to re-new my NREMT-P I went out of state and NREMT had no problems with it as long as the school was approved by the state the course was in and that the course met the NREMT Refresher rquirments. I would verify with the school what is going to be covered and I would also verify with NREMT they will accept it. Make sure and get names and departments of anyone you talk to at NREMT, it seems like everyone has a different answer.
  8. It does show the 70's Galactica and a Cylon Base Star, look just above the Star Trek Space station. As far as the fighters I think they were to small if you want to keep it to scale. Your right they do look alot like the old Vipers. The difference is they are more realistic, instead of turning in space with no gravity (fake) they have thrusters around them that make them turn. Making for some really cool flying scenes, Lee Adama at the refinery anyone?
  9. New Galactica New Viper New Cylon Raider New Centurion Old Centurion
  10. There is no doubt there were Irish before the Civil War. But the fact is the greatest immigrations to the U.S. came after the Civil War. Almost every ethnic group grew exponentially at the latter part of the 19th to the early part of the twentieth century.
  11. I would think as an RN you would be better educated than to make a blanket statement like that. But then again I notice that all 3 of your posts were within 8 minutes of each other so Welcome to chat. The basic fact is you are all arguing over something you will NEVER have any control over. You might as well argue over super string theory. The AIDS Lobby, The Mental Illness Lobby, etc, have made it so it impossible for employers to screen for this stuff. We are at the bottom of the food chain here people, the real decisions are being made by highly overpaid public servants wining and di
  12. A couple of important points. #1. If you actually go to the KATU link supplied at the top of the OP's post you will see this. "Story Updated: Aug 20, 2006 at 10:07 PM PDT" #2. If you go to the ODF website you'll find this... So basically we're are arguing over a two year old bullshit story that has been spread around the internet. Kaisu I never meant to say you were liberal. I said drop the liberal history book. Too many history books today teach that if your skin was black you were the only oppressed group in history. Not a slam on you.
  13. Amen. Personally I love the 'Eco-Friendly' mansions they build where they only had to cut down 20 acres of timber too get a view of the river.
  14. You might want to drop the liberal history book there Kaisu. Mediccjh is from an Irish background. During a large portion of American history the only people hated more than blacks were the Irish. You ever heard the term 'beat you like a redheaded stepchild' or the term 'paddy wagon' both Irish slurs that are still used today. P.S. Most Irish came after the end of slavery.
  15. Once again do you see why I hate crossing the border into Oregon!!
  16. Umm because those are geezer ships nobody cares about! Actually I loved Space 1999!
  17. Yes but if ones compares ship sizes from this handy chart. You can see that the Galactic Empires Executor class star ships were the largest ships in space history. Easily capable of taking out anything in the Star Trek, Babylon 5, or the Farspace universe. Well anything but a single rebel fighter, you would think the Empire would have figured that out by part six. :roll:
  18. Here's my two cents. AMR West coast good company. AMR Midwest good Company. AMR East coast absolute shit. The first two I can say because I have worked for them in those areas. The last one because that is all I hear is how shitty it is on the East side. Hah, spell check doesn't accept defibrillate but it it accepts shitty.
  19. The next whacker toy? Light Bar, check. Jump Kit, Check. 12 lead Palm Pilot, Check.
  20. Continue with BLS (BVM/Chest Compressions) and call medical control. In my system odds are you are going to transport C3 w/ BLS procedures and let the hospital Docs, Lawyers and Ethics people figure it out. I had the same situation with an adult female terminal from ovarian cancer. Family wanted no resuscitation, husband wanted her worked. He actually tore up the DNR in front of me. I elected BLS only and transported to the hospital. ER Doc and our Med control Doc stood behind my decision.
  21. I think I just heard Harold Schaitberger gasp in shock and pain!
  22. So here's the question. Is this the beginning of the end of marriage... ...she is a Japanese receptionist robot. Not bad in my opinion. So in five or ten years I can foresee some pretty hot robots out there. So my real question, and this is going to piss off the ladies, as robots become more realistic (think Bladerunner) do you think marriages will decrease and robot ownership increase? Imagine a Jessica Alba, or a Salma Hayek model. :wink: Ladies would you rather have a slovenly husband or a man-bot? Me I am waiting for the Buffy-bot model and my wife is out the door. J
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