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  1. I had a girlfriend that could have done that. :wink:
  2. I've seen some hospitals use the number we use to 'dial' their ED as a code. Makes more sense. How many of you know that many gated apartment complexes use 911 as a default code? Don't worry the thieves already know this.
  3. So if your all going south who is going to run the asylum?
  4. [align=center:81455b5de9] Yeah that about says it all! [/align:81455b5de9]
  5. #1 Medical Lie. We're doing everything we can = you or your loved one is dead or going to die.
  6. Actually we should be using an education based differential diagnosis first. It's not about 'skills' a monkey can start an IV but he cannot understand why he started the IV. How many times have I had to say that on this forum so far? P/P units are kind of like lesbian couples. There is always the butch and then there is her bitch. :roll:
  7. Wow is that company still using Isukill?
  8. Congrats. I still think it's unfair that you didn't have to wait weeks to see if you got the big envelope or the little one like us old timers did. Edit: Your education is not over though. I know you want to be the best so that means you'll still be educating yourself until you retire. It's a never ending process. I just took my 8th ACLS class.
  9. I have to ask a question. Who does get along with Fire. I haven't worked in a city that Fire and PD don't hate each other. I have had some decent relationships with some FF's but for the most part I can't stand a lot of them. So the average relationships break down like this. PD hates Fire. EMS hate Fire. PD & EMS have a great relationship. So who is really at fault for this lack of Brotherhood?
  10. Paramedic Jobs Now hiring Paramedics No experience necessary 3 weeks training Maticular Consular accepted or note from your cousin Salary $4.50 per day
  11. I have told this story before but I can't find it so I will tell it again. We were dispatched to a non-emergency transport from the hospital to a private home for a DNR patient. My partner is taking the patient so she stops at the desk to do her run sheet and I head down to the patients room. I walk into the room and check vitals. The patients respiratory rate was four. I go back to the Nurses station and tell the Nurse this patient is on his way out and does she want us to transport. She gives me the we need the room please try and get him home for the family crap. So we package hi
  12. [align=center:8ff9810691]New billboards going up around L.A.[/align:8ff9810691] [align=center:8ff9810691][/align:8ff9810691]
  13. Correct me if I am wrong but was it not the influx of Medics from Vietnam that became the first Basics back in the 70's?
  14. I personally feel that since Paramedic is quickly becoming a Degreed program that we should join the other degreed programs when it comes to pre-reqs. Maybe it's time to quit having set pre-reqs for each program. A universal set of pre-reqs for Healthcare Professional could be in order. That way RN, RT, EMT-P, Ultrasound, etc could all come from the same background and have the same basic knowledge. Math, A&P, Chemistry, English, etc. Only after you finish these then you can move onto your program. Or maybe I am just rambling because I have strep and feel like I am dying. :roll:
  15. That might explain some of the spinal injuries, but having been in a side impact MVC that torqued my spine, it does not explain away the head injury. I would bet money if we saw the windshield, which was gone, we would see a star that would answer all our questions.
  16. The distracted part is conjecture but it is obvious to me to sustain the injuries listed he was not wearing a seat belt. A lesson to all, ALWAYS wear a seat belt. Front and Back. Spenac your Kewpie Doll is in the mail.
  17. A couple of questions, first off to praying4bonnie&scottl if you are a close and personal family friend why are all your posts about their condition from the newspaper? Second, something I've been holding back to see if anyone else caught it. Now why would he have inuries like that? I see no penetration or intrusion on the driver's side. So how could the driver have been so seriously injured? Anyone? Bueller?
  18. That's it give the movie even more publicity. The producers will love you for it. I personally want to see it, I loved Paramedics, even have it on VHS.
  19. Scaramedic's Patented PTSD cure. Ingredients: 1. A fifth of Wild Turkey 2. A shot glass 3. Strong need to forget something Recipe: Pour Wild Turkey into shot glass. Drink Repeat as necessary until you are significantly toasted. Lay down and dream of cheerleaders and a tiny island somewhere warm.
  20. Touchy feely Kumbaya crap. I don't give a flying f*ck if I like the people I work with.. I do care how they treat patients and how competent they are. A company like this is going to hire someone who might be friendly but will kill patients with absolute incompetency. Give me an asshole any day that cares for their patients over someone the mechanic thinks is cool because he has a tribal tat. :roll:
  21. Oh God, this better not turn into a 'I would have done it with my 'Leatherman' thread.
  22. Here in my neck of the woods one of the hospitals (a Level 1) has a surgical team that responds by helicopter to do amputations. They did one last year on an MVC.
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