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  1. The thing with Diabetic patients is that the IV is going to be a short term IV 90% of the time. Also once you get the IV and give D50 the patient will be wide awake, and during the transition from decreased LOC to alert they tend to be a might combative. So you pop in an EJ, give D50, and restrain the patient. You hope he doesn't pull at the pain in his neck, and then you have a patient A&O with a very painful IV that you might have to pull because they don't want to go to the hospital. So you now have to pull an IV in a major vessel that is dangerously close to the airway. You pray
  2. Reminds me of the time Jimmy and Adam from the Man Show dressed up like pilots and went to LAX. They were walking around the terminal acting hungover, Jimmy actually laid down and took a nap in a planter. It was hilarious to watch peoples reactions. This was pre 9-11 of course.
  3. Wait, is that what those stupid necklaces I have to pull off to defibrillate are?
  4. Many of the changes in EMS come down to technology. Either being used in the field or being used in the lab to change our ideas on how the human body works. The changes you are seeing are just the tip of the iceberg. Everyday new discoveries are being made and new theories are being tested. For many years emergency medicine took a back seat to other specialties. Now the changes seem to be coming on a daily basis due to the change in emphasis on emergency medicine. Partially because once again we are country at war. The things being learned in Iraq and Afghanistan are making it over he
  5. P.S. They really need to hire a Copy Editor for their website. "The paramedic was taken to the hospital to be get check out."
  6. How every event would end... Allah Akbar...BOOM!!!! :twisted: Swimming, just so they could have a bath.
  7. That is a rate of squeezing the BVM every 4.2857142857142857142857142857143 seconds. But since the laws of physics and the ability of the human mind cannot do a rate like that with a BVM the closest you can get is a breath every 4 seconds. That equals out to a rate of 16 or you can go every five seconds for a rate of 12. This patient should have been on a vent, then you have much more control on rate, volume, PEEP, etc. At times it is going to seem like a whiteout, to continue with the snow analogy, but you can slog your way through until it makes sense.
  8. It was a test. See we froze the head of this thread in liquid nitrogen and this was a test to see if it could be successfully resuscitated. The next step is thawing Walt Disney and Elvis.
  9. Glove. I still write my vitals signs down, BP at minimum. The rest of it I can remember.
  10. Can you pick out the key phrase in that sentence why it was a money loser? :wink:
  11. You would think that the NREMT or NAEMT would pick up these and come up with standards for National recognition. I'm sure it would be a money maker.
  12. Turn uniform shirt inside out, rub some debris and dirt on my face. Find Red Cross, grab a meal, find a seat with a nice view of the action and enjoy my dinner in peace. Fake my own death, have wife claim millions, meet her in Jamaica and live large as a Ganga dealer.
  13. What part? That they lost their NIJ certification?
  14. They forget to mention that it is a law that you do not use the letter R when you speak. I believe you can buy a New England to English dictionary in bookstores. Remember car rhymes with saw not bar. :wink:
  15. So Tac-Medic is kind of like Wilderness EMT, tons of courses but not really recognized nationally?
  16. Me too, I thought holy crap first Charlton Heston and now Chuck Norris!
  17. First off let me straighten out a few things, I was not using my family as anecdotal evidence. My father joined the WSP in 1946. He retired before vests became an issue. My brother retired after 37 yrs, yes 37! When he started out vests also were not a common thing and when they first came out they were bulky and uncomfortable so he never liked them. I mentioned merely as a lucky thing not as evidence. Second if you want to wear one go for it. If it helps you in an MVA great. But when it comes to helping you in a shooting situation your forgetting one big issue. The reason most cops
  18. Here's something new for us Coast people. I had never heard about until a Seattle girl came down with it after taking surfing lessons in Hawaii. Something to keep in mind if your planning on learning to surf on vacation. Another great article on it.
  19. Given your druthers you wouldn't have an EMT class (or level for that matter) to begin with. :wink:
  20. The last three GSW deaths of EMS workers were in 2004. Two were killed in quarters by an ex-boyfriend and the third was an ambush/sniper situation. Vests (that EMS has access to) don't help head shots and high powered rifle hits. Now if we're talking Dragonskin then one of them would have survived, but how many EMS personnel want to pay for Dragonskin. If they could even get it.
  21. Another problem I have with body armor is the mentality that it produces that the wearer is safer then they are. Yes it provides some stab protection, mostly slashing and upward stabbing motion. But a strong downward stroke, like at the chest will go through it like butter. Also keep in mind that hardcore criminals know this better than most cops. They study books like Gray's and learn where to stab and kill even with a vest. Same with shooting, they know as much as officers about head shots and leg shots. Keep in mind the last three deaths of record were 2 assassinations and 1 sniper,
  22. Wrong, the broken is placed there to illicit a pain response and to verify the LOC of the infant. :twisted: JK of course.
  23. Moronic question. On soap box.. PPE/BSI is the standard for all calls. I don't give a damn if I am going to upset an AIDS patient because I am wearing gloves. This AIDS bullsh*t has gone too far. The whole world can know if you have Herpes or Gonorrhea, but if your HIV/AIDS then you have special rights in some idiots mind. Why is HIV so prevalent among gay males? Because they were the ones having unprotected sex in bath houses while the disease spread like wildfire. Some local politicians tried to close the bath house in San Francisco and got slammed for being homophobic so the
  24. Kaisu and Dwayne I'm willing to bet you lost the 'fun' of Paramedic school about the time you hit cardiology or pharmacology. I'm getting burned out just doing the pre-reqs for my BSN. I really can't wait to get into the program, but I am sure that will wear off in time also.
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