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  1. Been doing that for years, never had a BP cuff not returned. I always carry an extra Large adult just for that reason. Pump it up, clamp it with hemostats (which I carry in my kit, not on my person) and remove the sphyg. Of course it helps if you carry the kits with the screw off sphygs. :wink: Also having been on a backboard I cannot stress enough just how uncomfortable they are. I swear you can feel every bump on the road and they become outright painful damn quick.
  2. The wiggle room is for Medics using BVM's vs those of us who like the vent. For some reasons some Medics do not like using vents. I personally love having the constant control rather than have someone (cough.. a FF) setting rate and volume.
  3. When? So far the National EMS Memorial only lists three EMS death for 2008, two struck by vehicles on scene and 1 cardiac arrest. In fact they show the last fatalities by GSW in 2004. You want to survive on the streets, workout, watch your cholesterol, beware of whats going on around you at all times, stage when necessary and stay the hell out of anything that flies and you should be fine.
  4. Sorry I can't help ya, I've been married for seven years so I don't use them anymore.
  5. Our Doc, as I have mentioned before, is really into ETCO[sup:5e779841a1]2[/sup:5e779841a1] readings. One example is a head injury, he wants us to maintain between 30-35mm/hg ETCO[sup:5e779841a1]2[/sup:5e779841a1].
  6. This one many feel is inevitable in the town I live in. We have two major paper mills that use chlorine to whiten the pulp to make white paper. The chlorine comes via rail that runs right through the middle of town. The nightmare scenario is a kind of Bhopal. That the train will derail at night, one of the cars will puncture and whole sleeping neighborhoods will be covered in clouds of chlorine gas. Like I said many here feel it is just a matter of time.
  7. You should talk to Dustdevil or Ridryder I believe they are both in their 70's.
  8. Question, Do you ALWAYS wear your seatbelt, in front or in back? The odds of you getting shot on duty,very, very low. The odds you will be killed in an MVA, very high. Second only to dying in a chopper crash or dying of cardiac arrest on scene. GUNS DON'T KILL PARAMEDICS, MOVING VEHICLES KILL PARAMEDICS! Save yourself the money and the inconvenience of wearing body armor for the one in a million chance you will get shot.
  9. 3cc syringe, needle, ET tube?
  10. He never mentioned compassion, he mentioned common sense. Ironic isn't it? :wink:
  11. You know I was reading this a while back in the magazine and some numbers struck me. Basic that want to be Para's 63% Basic's that want to work for Fire 65% Basic's that dont' want to work Private 65% I know numbers can be twisted, but I look at these numbers and see a group of people who want to be Paramedics to get on with the Fire Department. Which ironically runs the ambulance in Chicago were this poll was taken. So the question should be do you really want to be a Paramedic or are you just using it as a way to back door into the FD. Would you want a Para who was drawing pics o
  12. Coast Guard, Navy what's the difference. 100 men go to sea 50 couples come back.
  13. I seriously doubt that the State EMS Office would allow you to carry them. Before you look any further I would give someone in Olympia a call. Also has this been ran by your MPD?
  14. About as ready as the other 20 viruses that were going to wipe out humanity. My plan revolves around a small cabin deep in the hills. Let everything blow over then come out and rule the world. :twisted:
  15. Too damn much, and the more stairs the more superfluous some of it seems.
  16. I have pins on both collars all the way to the back. They include... CPR save Pink Stork Blue Stork M.A.S.T. certified Extrication Certified Star of Life Caduceus X 2 EMS Angel Pin EMS Pin NREMT Pin NAEMT Pin EMS/American Flag Pin Jaws of Life Pin St Michael Pin First Aid Certified Pin AED Certified Pin Defensive Driving Pin ACLS Pin Then I have a 4" button that says Paramedics save lives but EMT's Save Paramedics. I wear a NREMT patch, state patch, company patch, star of life patch, American Flag patch, a patch with my name on it from Disneyland, and a Marvin the M
  17. Like 'em or not, the days of those rolling behemoths are numbered. With diesel at over $4 a gallon more and more systems are struggling with budgets not ready for the doubling of fuel costs. Something has got to give, and laying off Firefighters is not an option. So they will look to save money with smaller vehicles. A ladder truck has to be big, a "Rescue" does not. I predict a move by both public and private to more efficient Sprinter type vehicles, I foresee less and less Type I and III units and more type II's. Medium duty and heavy duty units also are ridiculous and offer no advanta
  18. [s:3d9fe2f5f7]You have got to be kidding me! Am I on Candid Camera, where's Allen Funt? Are telling me you come to our site and ask us ways to get an ambulance to respond so can get a ride to hospital or nearby. You tell the truth, why are you going to the hospital? If you are calling an ambulance because the buses aren't running and it's cold you are hurting people who REALLY need an ambulance. An ambulance...ah F*ck it. You are either someone pulling our chain or your insane either way I am done answering. You will not get answers to that question here. Move on.[/s:3d9fe2f5f7]
  19. Going on 20 yrs and never needed any of that equipment. My job is to tend to the patient. Therefore leather gloves would be inappropriate, ear plugs wouldn't work with my stethoscope, helmet is not needed since I've never had a cars roof fall in on me and an extrication suit is just another wanna-be FF thing to me. Yes broken glass and jagged metal are present but if I am suited up and feeling all safe I might forget my patient is not as well protected. If I am using my senses to keep myself safe I also keep my patient safe. The most important piece of equipment you need on any scene is
  20. You mean the stiff jaw and excessive sleep? How long had it been since sis had seen him? How long had he been hypoglycemic? I know you don't know the answers, but he could be in renal failure. The renal failure could lead to Hyperkalemia which could cause the jaw stiffness since it really screws with muscles. But I still think the contributing factor was increased ICP secondary to a half assed attempt at intubation via RSI. The unresponsiveness could be secondary to hypoxia from the HK. But finally the increased ICP lead to a downward spiral that lead to arrest.
  21. A couple of things. When administering RSI our protocols require hypoxic (82%) and patients with a heart rate of less than 100 (89 bpm) patients be given .5mg Atropine. Also 1.0mg/kg of Lidocaine should be administered to lessen an increase in ICP. Also if the pt is R/O increased ICP, Sux should be given in 2 parts, 10% wait a minute and give the other 90%. This is supposed to decrease fasciculations which can increase ICP. My theory is increased ICP resulted in Cushing's Triad. Did you notice the HR drop from 89 to 48 and the BP went from 150/82 to 190/112? Patient was paralyzed so
  22. Compensation? Oh yeah, but not what your thinking of. I've noticed certain agencies (cough...fire) attempt to hide their limited abilities behind big tricks with flashy graphics. Also I laugh whenever I see the words Ambulance and Rescue on the same rig. Puuuullease!! :roll:
  23. The truly sad part, that it is probably a BLS unit and has never actually transported a patient. In my personal experience the bigger the unit the rougher the ride. Airbags/shocks can never hide the fact that it is a truck body not meant for a smooth ride. I would rather work in the torn up van than that monstrosity.
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