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  1. FireMedic65

    Old folks Still here?

    Well, since all us old folk are saying hi... Here I am, hello. Hopefully everyone has been well.
  2. FireMedic65

    Canadian Temperature Scale

    Funny yes. But since when did Canada use the Fahrenheit scale? Further more -500F = is -295.556C -295.556C in Kelvin is -22.405 which is impossible
  3. FireMedic65

    EMS Crisis Response Teams

    According to the review that was made by someone that actually purchased the "book" and basically said it was junk written by a person that who no right writing such a book, it would be a good idea to take down the links so other people don't waste money.
  4. FireMedic65

    EMS Crisis Response Teams

    What kind of credentials do you have to write a book that deals with a lot of psychological matters? Are you a psychologist or just throwing out opinions?
  5. FireMedic65

    Online CE

    I use Used a lot through my area for CE and it's free for us to use. A lot of the lectures and material is really dry though. Really drawn out with the worst possible person doing the speaking. Not quite as bad as Ben Stein, but close.
  6. FireMedic65

    Pocono's EMS.

    if mediccjh is still around on the site, he is the guy to talk to for for working in that area.
  7. FireMedic65

    Never assume

    Assuming will almost always get you in hot water. Something as simple (or seemingly) as AMS can be from many different things. Just because the patient has dementia does not mean their AMS is from that. Kudos to you for thinking outside the box and teaching someone to do the same.
  8. FireMedic65

    Robert (Rob) Davis

    Will miss you a lot bro. Rest in piece.
  9. FireMedic65

    Quarters: do you have them?

    Working a 24hr shift is rough. Been there, done that, don't really want to do it again. It is not healthy for yourself, unsafe for patients, and unsafe for other drivers on the road. I have not read any studies about this, but I can just speak from experience. This is why I feel 24s are a bad thing. But, on the other hand, if you were allowed to sleep, then you could be rested. Although, I am not so sure the public would be too happy about having to pay taxes or whatever for ambulance services where the crews sleep half of their shift. There have been times where I went into work for a night shift and a person from the other crew would clock in, check the equipment and go to sleep. Would not see him until morning when it was time to go home. How is that fair to other people who actually have to work? It was brought up and the argument was always settled by what I had stated above "rather be rested". In my opinion, if you come to work and need to sleep, find a new job or a different shift. If you feel differently, you can paypal me $15/hr tonight while I am sleeping.
  10. FireMedic65


    I have to agree with ak on this one. I am not sure how I would feel if I called 911 and a chaplain shows up with the crew, but more than likely I would not be to happy about it. As for having one available to speak with you can just go to a church or whatever place of worship you prefer. If there is a situation bad enough then the state has the CISD teams that can come in and talk with you. Remember, you are entitled to counseling whenever you need it. But bringing them along on calls is asking for trouble.
  11. send me a pm dust

  12. FireMedic65

    Arabic Speaking Instructors Wanted

    Should I install the Arabic language pack for Rosetta Stone?
  13. FireMedic65

    what are my options?

    Anyone of those "other" jobs as a medic won't be your primary function. They will be part of your role in what you are doing. You will never lots more training. You will probably need other training before hand to even get to the training you want to get trained on. You will not get hired out of medic school to be on swat team as a medic. You won't get hired out of medic school to work with the secret service, FBI, CIA, anything else. Your options are, working on an ambulance or in an ER as an ER tech. Further training and education are required for anything else.
  14. FireMedic65


    I don't blame you
  15. FireMedic65


    I think they made 4