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  1. Haha, well, I've been in EMS for only about a year, and I've already done half of these...I bolded the ones I've done. I thought these were cute. :-) Just a part of learning!! - Your medic asks you to grab a 4x4 and you bring him a small wooden board. - It takes you 10 minutes to find a fresh pillow case in the ER. - You step on the pulse ox cord and rip it out of the machine. (I actually did that yesterday) - You dash over to the patient with a backboard, C-collar, and one head chock. - You are baffled by triangular bandages. - You put the blood-pressure cuff on your pati
  2. Oh, sorry for not explaining earlier. Umm, so far in my life...lets just say I've trusted people I shouldn't have (haha..I've almost been married to a guy I went out with for 2 years. He decided that he was gonna be unfaithful, I caught him...and that just didn't work out) , and I tend to be too nice for my own good. EMS has opened me up a LOT, and has brought me out of my shell. Haha, one of my mentors was telling me "You need to learn to say no!"...and the other day, she told me "Well, you're getting a lot better than you were!" Its my own fault I let people walk all over me, I hate conflict
  3. Thats true, and if this helps...I do try to find a balance. Sometimes its hard, but yes, I do try. Haha...and from everyone I've been talking to (besides the EMT's here, where I live)...they think I should drop EMS, and just do strictly nursing. I could never choose between them...but I'm sure there's a middle there somewhere...like a critical care nurse...or something like that?
  4. Haha, its alright. I"m just kinda tired of looking stupid, so yeah. But I'm glad I can see everyone's views. Everyone has given me a lot to think about. For right now though, I enjoy being new, and learning a lot from other people. Its amazing what I've learned, just by asking other people's opinions.
  5. First of all, your right...haha, I'll shut my mouth before I end up looking too stupid. And second...when did I say that I saved a life? He told me that at 17, I should be living my own life, and not be too worried about the EMS profession. I said that if I lived life, and not cared about EMS, I would basically just let people walk all over me (I already do), and be too generous for my own good (I already am) Anyways...I don't want to look stupid anymore...so I'm shutting my mouth. Thanks again everyone, for everything. You've opened my eyes to a lot of stuff...not just "small town thinking
  6. Yeah...I guess thats true. I just don't like hearing anything bad about them, because they are my second family, and I never meant to question my service...but...I guess thats what I did, huh? Anyways, I was talking to one of my mentors earlier...and they said after I get out of school, I'll be able to go out on more calls, and I agree with what joseph said: "maybe the person mentoring her is trying to temper her instead of plunging her into the bucket right off to see if she cracks. And if she shows this much enthusiasm at 17 maybe she will go carrier and seek a paid (oh my god I said
  7. Oh, haha, sorry about that. Yeah....I agree with you, I"ll be the first to admit it...I've only been in this for a year, and I'm still quite inexperienced. But thats not a reason to say I'm not ready. I've got to run on calls to become experienced. And as for the people I run with...they have tons of experience, and are VERY good at what they do. Haha, I didn't mean to start anything, if it was my fault. I was just curious. Next time I'll know, haha. Thanks
  8. Alright.....wow. So....I'm an idiot, and I'm whining? Haha...I thought I was just asking what people thought about younger EMS providers. I honestly don't care what other people think about our organization...we're the best in this area for a reason. Just because they watch out for me isn't a bad thing. And as for their competence....I'd trust them with my life. They've been in this business for a long time....20+ years....and just because they're volunteer doesn't mean anything. And as for me not being ready....I've only gone on a couple of calls by myself, so no, I'm probably not complet
  9. Thats true...and now that I'm reading more into the posts, I feel like I should add something else. As for the seizure/medical call...sorry, didn't explain that right. I guess you could say he tries to keep me more on the "stable" calls. He just told my mom that he would rather have me on those than have a patient who might code....although....I've been on a couple of those too. On this particular call, he didn't know that the patient was going to go into seizures. It just depends which EMT I'm with. And...as for the whole "Intermediate being higher" thing....there are certain EMT's who
  10. WOW.......alright, thanks for the input. Yes, I am one of the few exceptions...I've always been very mature. And yes, I plan to just stay as an EMT-Basic for a long time(I want more experience)....nursing school is coming first. I start this summer...June 1st. I'm just about to graduate high school, and I"m already a sophomore in college....39 college credit hours. And honestly...growing up in a house where both parents are workaholics, and me raising my sister...I grew up a LONG time ago. I don't party, I make straight A's...and yeah, I know I have a lot to learn, but I don't think such a
  11. Well, I know I'm still generally new here, but I was just wondering what you guys thought about this. I am a 17 year old (I'll be 18 in June!) EMT-Basic, and I had to jump through all sorts of hoops to get my license, including: 3) be at least seventeen (17) years of age and meet the following requirements:(a) be affiliated with a service and shall submit a letter of support from the service director; and (shall notify the bureau, in writing, of any change of service affiliation; and © shall submit a notarized parental or guardian consent; (4) all applicants who are graduates of
  12. Well...where I am....we're all strictly volunteer. There's a lady here in town who will make a shirt for you, if you pay her. But if you don't...you just go in your regular clothes. We all have pagers...so, whoever shows up first usually goes. Although....those who have been there longer, have more seniority based on the call, and type of care needed.
  13. Wow...that story was touching. You do have to do whats in the best interest of the patient, and I'm sure he cared more about the dog than he did himself. I honestly think the paramedics did the right thing. My first call actually involved an animal also. It was a one car rollover, and two dogs were in the back. One was okay, but the other one was pinned. The owner refused to leave the dogs' side to get treated until it was out. Thankfully, the dog was unharmed, but he did bite one of our EMT's. Besides that...the patient was also fine. I find it touching that in this world, there ARE still
  14. Haha, that was good. And it amazes me how Christians act sometimes (myself included). You'd think they'd try to be the best possible...but none of us are perfect. We all make mistakes.
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