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  1. I bet $1000 more patients have been hurt by lack of EMS oxygenation than too much EMS oxygenation.
  2. Most vacation stuff is refundable as long as you do it at least a week in advance, go ahead and cancel now, while you have lots of time left, you can take a vacation any time, good jobs are a rarity.
  3. It is all about HOW you handle it, you can serve me a steak or a shit-sandwich, I prefer the steak. Here is how I would have handled it, and how I always handle it. First I try to take a pressure in the room before I load them up, it takes 30 seconds (especially if it is a short trip, and I do not want to drag all my equipment out). Many times I have found something irregular, then you simply tell the nurse, hey grandmas B/P is 200/140, do you still want us to take her. If cant take vitals in room, I usually take them in the ambulance before we leave the ramp (again, most discharges are short trips especially if going to nursing home). If I find something weird, first I double check it to make sure I am not the idiot, and then I just step back in the ER find the nurse and tell her, hey I found this, you still cool with sending them back ? Sometimes whatever I find is "normal" for that patient, sometimes it had been a while since v/s were taken, or something changed and the patient did not inform the staff because they had been there too long already and wanted out. I have never had a nurse or doctor get mad at me for asking, but I serve them steak, not a shit sandwich. As a matter of fact, I almost always get a gracious thank you.
  4. I hate to say it, but the most important thing is to make sure that the leader will not take sexual advantage of female explorers. This is usually what kills an explorer program, so choose a woman, or a much older male. Do not put a 22 year old medic in charge of a bunch of 16 year old girls who are worshiping their heros.
  5. Unfortunately, you have no chance of being hired as an EMT, but you may be able to get hired as a Paramedic (non-driver) with a private service. So if EMS is your dream, go all the way to Paramedic. DUI is not a death sentence unless it happened recently (last 10 years), which is what happened with you. In a few years you will be able to say it was a youthful indiscretion, but right now, it is still a dumb/recent indiscretion. Most employers will have a policy against hiring someone with DUI, but even if they do not, the insurance company will not cover you as a driver. Driving an emergency vehicle requires a pretty clean record at your age, as many will not cover people below 21 with a clean record. Go to the court and see if there is anything you can do to get your record exponged, as most employers will not hire you.
  6. I do not think that it is an osha violation, if I remember right, I think it was a CDC recommendation. Nonetheless, remember the old saying, Dont shit where you eat ! I imagine if you took a culture swab and touched any part of the ambulance you would find some disgusting results.
  7. Dwayne, I never took you for a hippy lol. I agree with a "family commune", even if it is not blood relative. I have often wondered how much better off I would be if my mom and dad, brothers and sisters, did not all have separate house payments, car payment, utility/grocery bills. There is no telling how much cheaper our monthly bills would be if we just shared a big house and the bills.
  8. During my clinicals I saw an 80 year old woman with a similar protrusion but it stuck out to her side, she had a 50lb tumor in her abdomen, and only came to the doctor because she stopped urinating. She looked like she was 9 months pregnant.
  9. I agree, hopefully everyone will realize that there is good and bad in every profession, even priests have had issues, and they are supposed to be very god-like. But I have to ask this question, how do you rape a woman that is strapped to a backboard while moving down the road ? And what in the world was his partner thinking? Is he really going to say he did not see his partner on top of this patient ?
  10. If I may stick my head in the lion's mouth for a moment, I would ask why so many of you get your blood pressure up over this guy or the trolls ? When you get upset you give them control over your day, never give contol of your emotions to others. And what if he is a 16 year old kid that is interested in EMS ? I do not know many kids who would come to this site, versus myspace or facebook, so I think we should take him under our wing, who knows he might be your future partner. I think we should be welcoming to all, until they wear out their welcome, as there is another similar site to this one that has "village" in its name, that is almost identical in set-up to this one, but is basically DEAD. This is a public forum, so we are bound to attract people we disagree with, but that is no reason to BAN them, just ignore them. And how exactly is someone with no medical training, who does not run EMS calls, going to come up with intelligent questions pertaining to EMS ? Imagine wanting to be a mechanic (with absolutely no training yet) so you go to www.transmissioncity.com's forum page and then have to ask an intelligent question about clutch repair ? He is worshiping his heros the best way he knows how, so act like a hero instead of a dismissive asshole who does not have time to be bothered. I apologize in advance for everyone I just pissed off. Love you all (except flaming and hlpp)
  11. I once ran a call on a woman with no nose, she wore a bandaid to cover the hole in her face and had never been to a doctor. I dont like doctors anymore than anyone else, but if something falls off, it is time to go. Some people just live in denial.
  12. A car was a bad example, as it immediately depreciates. Your net worth is everything you own in assets, minus what you owe. So if he bought a million dollars worth of gold with cash, and it maintained its value that day, he would still have a million dollars in networth (assuming this was his total assets minus his total liabilities). Any business owner will tell you that they do not draw a paycheck, as it means they double tax themselves. Instead they let the business pay their liabilities (house, cars, other bills/expenses). So although they may not get the traditional paycheck, they still get paid. CEOs are the same, most of their pay comes from ways other than paychecks.
  13. I did not mean the drugs they pushed in ACLS way back, but the old guys tell me they did convert more with 2 amps of bicarb off the top. I was referring to a time when you could actually FAIL ACLS, which meant you had to come into class knowing the book cover to cover, versus being read the test just before you take it, and then getting multiple chances to retake it now if you fail.
  14. I am not so sure, medics of the 80s had to pass real ACLS, and had less technology to make decisions. As far as ROSC and being released from the hospital in a productive state, I am not sure the numbers have changed a whole lot. To me its is kind of like the new whiz kid from college who got an agricultural degree, battling the farmer who has farmed for 50 years.
  15. I think what he is trying to say is that both are connected. They could not buy the things without the money, especially now that bank financing is impossible to obtain. So if Bill Gates only made 1 million, and then purchased 4 $ 250,000,000 Rolls Royce, he still has a million dollar net worth until the cars depreciate. Conversely JPIN, if you made 20,000 and spent all of that on stuff (daily living), and then borrowed another 12k for school, you would have a negative net worth of -12k (unless you had other assets to offset (like your car; take 3k off and you are now -9k)
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