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  1. Sorry guys for the late response. Been putting in a lot of hours, you know to get rich, eventually. Ha. I totally agree with everyone's response. I really do. I truly appreciate you guys replying and giving me some insight on this and I can say it helps. But I shall be back Saturday with an update. My first unofficial shift with my new partner. ^.^ You guys/gals be safe out there.
  2. 4lpm nasal. Aspirin if none taken within 24-hours Ask if Viagra had been taken; male and female. Nitro if no Viagra. Paramedics need to obtain 12-lead (if possible.) No, keep this alive if need be. You're educating me, as well. I'm not getting offended. I'm open for talk. If you want to keep talking directly shoot me a PM. We can go more in depth with it.
  3. I'll be the first to tell you I'm not one who thinks I know everything. I still see myself as learning everyday I go to work. I have not once thought I knew more than a Paramedic, I'm not a cocky person and I never intend on being that. I don't know if the context of this topic came off as how I intended it to be. But everyone gave me knowledge I was hoping for.
  4. His ex-partners have filed IR's about him but no discipline. He's had meeting with management but that's about it. As I sit back and think about it I apologize for even making this topic. I should've formed my own opinion, who knows. Will give an update once I start with my partner.
  5. For instance if he has a patient with chest pain he won't put them on a monitor if his truck was less than 3 minutes out from the hospital. Just don't want his actions to make me look bad but if he looks bad I look bad by us being partners. He has the attitude, "I'm the Medic on the truck! Do as I say.." Island, I didn't until my bid was already in. I had a different shift in the bag before this one but his ex-partner before me wanted out and trumped me for that shift so I threw my bid in blindly. Eh, ALS Ill get experience with a lot more rescue. But I was eager for a Full-Time posi
  6. I've won a shift bid on a ALS car (I'm a EMT) my partner is obliviously a Paramedic. Haven't worked with him yet but his last two partners say the same. How would I handling a partner who doesn't like to follow protocol, belittles you in front of patients/family, likes to hold over time on a call for no obvious reason besides being lazy. I know I have to form my own opinion but I have been around this guy a few times to know that he thinks his sh!t doesn't stink.
  7. I've been an EMT for a month. I know that may seem like nothing, but I really don't see my attitude changing anytime soon.
  8. Is this field really what I want to do? Yes. Is it my calling? Too many people over use that saying, I say it's what my heart desires. Is it worth the pay? The pay is decent (I'm not in a position to complain since jobs are so scarse) for a young EMT with no family, no bills really, etc. but if I were a family man I wouldnt know how I would survive with one job in EMS. I personally love EMS. I go to work and I enjoy it. Some people I know in EMS can't stand it because of all the transports and BS calls. I don't mind it, I figure if I transport or I get a 9-1-1 I will still try to im
  9. Oh no, could never believe all the Internet says unless I'm back in school, ha. But I brought this up because I didn't know the laws regarding this topic in Michigan where as people who were commenting would state what their state laws were regarding this. Some responses we just so off the wall that I had to ask. Someone even posted that she loaned her sister her vehicle that had a EMT sticker on it and happened to drive by a MVA and a bystander wrote down her license plate number and reported her. Just being a new EMT just wanted to what this really meant. Thanks all.
  10. Thanks everyone. Just reading people responses on the Facebook page really just made me wonder this. I appreciate all the insight. Im open to the link CPhT.
  11. I just came across an article on Facebook regarding duty to act. I've seen that if you have any EMS stickers or logos on your vehicle pov you have a duty to act. If you are a license EMT you have to act. A few weeks ago I went to look at motorcycles and as I was leaving I have came across a motorcycle accident and I pretty much was just holding this guy down from moving because of a possible spinal injury until FD arrived on scene, did I have legal duty to act? I'm a new EMT and I cannot find this information any place I have looked, my state EMS site seems to be down? I guess. I live
  12. Ha, only you! I will not do anything to mess this opportunity up. Plus I don't want to see them people up north. Thanks everyone.
  13. True. I just want the excitement to begin. Thanks, Mike.
  14. So everyone I got offered the EMT-Basic position. Orientation is the 28th 10am-5pm. Ha! Pretty f'n stoked! Pretty decent pay scale factoring in the local events you can cover. Ahhhhh! So excited! Thanks everyone here at the City for everything you have posted that I learned/learning from. As well as the words of encouragement from recent post. Any idea what goes on in orientation? I have heard learning maps, etc. (If I am posting too much. Let me know.) Thanks again, everyone!
  15. I usually am a Madden or shooter type. Currently all I play is Ghost Recon, I really only like playing online games. Havent been that much into gaming since I needed to focused my time into passing the NREMT. But now that I passed that and awaiting my license, I have been playing with it like a little 12 year old, lol.
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