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  1. Well, since all us old folk are saying hi... Here I am, hello. Hopefully everyone has been well.
  2. I also flight sim a lot. Not as much as I used to because FSX doesn't like Win7 so much with some graphics for some reason. I also like putting together models. Primarily helicopters, spaceships (galatica was my favorite) and old boats. Anything science interests me too. Been too cold for me to get out the telescope lately but hopefully soon. PS, you can see a comet just over the moon for the remainder of the month!
  3. Funny yes. But since when did Canada use the Fahrenheit scale? Further more -500F = is -295.556C -295.556C in Kelvin is -22.405 which is impossible
  4. According to the review that was made by someone that actually purchased the "book" and basically said it was junk written by a person that who no right writing such a book, it would be a good idea to take down the links so other people don't waste money.
  5. What kind of credentials do you have to write a book that deals with a lot of psychological matters? Are you a psychologist or just throwing out opinions?
  6. I use www.centrelearn.com Used a lot through my area for CE and it's free for us to use. A lot of the lectures and material is really dry though. Really drawn out with the worst possible person doing the speaking. Not quite as bad as Ben Stein, but close.
  7. Pay close attention to detail of what they are telling you. More than likely you missed a small bit of information and gave a med you shouldn't have or didn't go to the right hospital destination. The oral stations are very cut and dry. Detail is very important.
  8. If I remember correctly, Dubin's book only touches on 12 leads and doesn't get very in depth. 12-Lead ECG: The Art Of Interpretation is what you want for 12 lead education.
  9. Hello Kitty: Island Adventure
  10. if mediccjh is still around on the site, he is the guy to talk to for for working in that area.
  11. I am voting for Trump... if he is going to run or not!
  12. to get back on topic... beef jerky is always quite awesome for the road! grades, oranges (peel before hand and put into wedges maybe).. pretty much any other fruit!
  13. Did you by chance change your username or something? Maybe try using your e-mail for login?
  14. I am fairly sure I remember Ryan Dunn saying "don't worry.. I can drive" in an episode of Jackass. Might not have been from 2011 though
  15. Assuming will almost always get you in hot water. Something as simple (or seemingly) as AMS can be from many different things. Just because the patient has dementia does not mean their AMS is from that. Kudos to you for thinking outside the box and teaching someone to do the same.
  16. I usually have granola bars or trail mix for quick snacks. Sandwiches I bring but you are right, they do get old. Without having access to a microwave surly complicates and takes away many options. I suppose if you are in the hospital or something you could ask the nurses if they would allow you to use their microwave in their lounge to heat a meal? You could try salads too maybe.
  17. I knew you could do it! Great job!
  18. Nice link. That will be helpful for many people. There is also google body. Not very informative with physiology but has a lot of anatomy. They are working on it so it is not yet finished.
  19. Working a 24hr shift is rough. Been there, done that, don't really want to do it again. It is not healthy for yourself, unsafe for patients, and unsafe for other drivers on the road. I have not read any studies about this, but I can just speak from experience. This is why I feel 24s are a bad thing. But, on the other hand, if you were allowed to sleep, then you could be rested. Although, I am not so sure the public would be too happy about having to pay taxes or whatever for ambulance services where the crews sleep half of their shift. There have been times where I went into work for a night shift and a person from the other crew would clock in, check the equipment and go to sleep. Would not see him until morning when it was time to go home. How is that fair to other people who actually have to work? It was brought up and the argument was always settled by what I had stated above "rather be rested". In my opinion, if you come to work and need to sleep, find a new job or a different shift. If you feel differently, you can paypal me $15/hr tonight while I am sleeping.
  20. I have to agree with ak on this one. I am not sure how I would feel if I called 911 and a chaplain shows up with the crew, but more than likely I would not be to happy about it. As for having one available to speak with you can just go to a church or whatever place of worship you prefer. If there is a situation bad enough then the state has the CISD teams that can come in and talk with you. Remember, you are entitled to counseling whenever you need it. But bringing them along on calls is asking for trouble.
  21. They can be professional if everyone has them and done in the same way. But mostly, they do not. I see too often people wearing them and they are worn. Personally, I would not wear one on the job. Around the station, maybe I would. As for on the ambulance, it is a uniform shirt. Some people use polos but I think they also look unprofessional. But, I have to contradict myself. In the winter I like to have something ON TOP on me instead of under my clothes. More often than not, I am over heated in the back of the ambulance. It is far easier to shed a pull over than it is to take off an undershirt. There have been times where it caused problems for me. But, still trying to find the cause of why.
  22. not too hard to figure out when the picture are obviously photoshopped and look exactly like other pictures of him. but hey, excuse me for being up on computer technology have have friends that are graphic designers.. what would they know about pictures right?
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