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  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm kind of use to using I See All Lead mnemonic. Always nice to have other techniques to use and share. Sent from my Samsung Note Tab with Tapatalk HD
  2. I try to "break the ice" prior to any calls. Asking them a series of questions from how many clinicals they have been on, EMS experience, and a bit of a quiz to see what level they are at, etc. I advise them if they are on their team leads than I will be more like their partner and it is their call to run. However they have to run it or I am going to speak up and take lead. I have some students freeze up, leaving the patient unsure about what is going on. I advise them that if I take over that they are more than encouraged to jump in and take the lead. If they freeze than asign a skill, ask questions to get their gears rolling again. I look forward to having students, just relax and give them a chance. Your in a whole other role as a preceptor, sometimes its hard to get out of the driver's seat. Sent from my Samsung Note Tab with Tapatalk HD
  3. Just FYI TapaTalk may of been updated just tried and am now logged in through app. -- Sent from my TouchPad using Communities
  4. I would lovely to easily spend more time here. Lots of great people to learn from. The app would save me time as it organizes conversations your involved with, unread, sort by time. And replying is easy to forums. Not that this site isn't great.
  5. Never changed user name. Have tried both email and my actual login without success. I may have to resort to the web browser too. The app is just much better design.
  6. Hello, This may be a problem with the app but I am not able to login. Anyone else successfully using a TalkaTap app to keep up on this forum. I have tried the app developer with no response. I didn't know if I need to put something after my user name when I log in. The app is Communities by Newness Developments on my HP TouchPad. Thanks
  7. For me it is my hobby in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is my outlet from EMS as it is totally different, challenges the mind, and is really never ending. I recommend Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML.</a> I don't write web sites or anything, yet. I find it fun to learn and maybe someday I'll put it to real use.
  8. I sure hope it is photoshopped. I am no expert but it looks realistic to me. A chief saying race to a fire, espcially on a public article, doesn't sound realistic. I hope this is a joke.
  9. It worked on my end. Saw the alert while eating lunch. I added to the end while reading out loud. "This is only a test. REMAIN CALM!"
  10. Calls from time to time bother many of us. For me it is the sick or dead kids or babies. For me I may never get use to those. It helps me to know I did what I could and a lot about death is really out of our hands. With most adult codes I just think I have gotten use to it. I don't lose any sleep over it and remember to keep my personal and work life as separate as possible. Your feelings are normal, especially early on. You will either learn to cope with them, they will change to not negativly effect you, or they will control you and run you out of this buisness. If you continue to have problems coping than talk to experienced providers and ask them how they cope.
  11. Happy to hear the news hope mom continues a good recovery.
  12. Confidence comes over time with experience and knowledge. Clinicals is the time to build that confindence with experience. Make sure you know your stuff, the protocols and most importantly the why and how it works so when they ask why did you do this you can explain why with more than it is protocol. As a preceptor I want my students to know why they are giving or doing xyz. Don't get worried when the preceptor wants to reflect on a call or call you on the spot. A good preceptor should in my opinion do this. Ask for constructive feed back. We want you to be ready to run the calls by yourself when you are finish. You never know where you'll end up working and we need you to be ready to lead. Good luck!
  13. ER Tech really depends on the ER but most are just EMT-B, CNA, nursing students, etc. Paramedic would go above and beyond what is needed for ER Tech. Basically an ER Tech is the nurse's assistant in the ER. The pay was around $11 to $14, 3 years ago when I was a ER Tech. There are ERs in my area that will use Paramedics in the role of a nurse in ERs. It is rare but they are out there. You can do all the same things as a nurse except here in Missouri and possibly else where RNs must start blood products. Other places you can work include just about anywhere they have on scene first aid or EMS including but not limited too: Factories, Amusement Parks, Water Parks/Pool, Zoo, Casino, etc. Just about anywhere they have EMS. Some of these are limited to EMT-B and work dual security. Most of the jobs are in an ambulance, fire truck, helicopter, or plane. Their are options. Keep in mind if your thinking about working in the sky than you will have to get experience first. I am not sure of the years but I believe most require at least 5 years plus advanced classes.
  14. Congrats, keep you in my prayers and hope all goes well!
  15. Hope you have learned from your post here. We are here to help. Sometimes you have to get hit by a "hammer" a few times to realize the big deal. Those nitro could of killed him. With significant internal injuries and a very potent vasodilator that equals vast uncontrolled internal bleeding which often leads to death. You may not of administered the nitro but you seem to be the inbetween goto for getting them. It seems from your earlier post that you have learned that nitro is for medicall chest pain not trauma chest pain. Very big difference. If you must listen to the scanner than use it as a tool to help you think of things. A call goes out for syncopal, you stay at home and think of what could of caused it, help it, and look it up in the book. I would not recommend responding unless you have the education and the backing of at least a volunteer department. I have learned a lot over the years here at emtcity. Please stay and become an active member and you will learn from the many wise here.
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