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  1. havent been on here in forever! how is everybody send me a messege!

  2. Emtgirl101

    Just me myself and I what makes me , me!!

    Just me and what makes me go.
  3. pulse you still keep going , give it your ALL!
  4. omg that was so wrong but i ended up playing this dang game for 20 mins thanks alot!
  5. You say you have no intentions of being ff but here in ny alot of the vol ff companys will acually put you threw the emt basic training or whatever training there department requires to be a memeber, but alot of them also require you at least take your ff one course and extractions ya know.... so I know if you join a vol company your not going to get just the basic training,, u'll prob get a insite of ff training as well. Unless you want to be just a paid medic or emt then I know rural metro offers a course for free but they have to accept you first or you have to pay for your own course which is around 700 bucks out here and find a service to apply to., out here in buffalo , ur options are Rural metro, Twin city ( tonawanda , amherst area only), Tri Comunity.... and few others I don't rember right now those are the paid companys but its mostly Vol out here.
  6. thats great but i read that along time ago.
  7. set up a meeting have a vote and majority rules,
  8. the diabetic women was that way because of her sugar and can make her combative confused, even lil crazy . its the sugar btw was it really low.
  9. first call female women 37 boy friend attempted to beat her to death.
  10. Most common calls out here are MVA's, ederly people falling or with chest pain. maybe the occasional crazy man running about that forgot to take his meds.
  11. I have heard of this vest and i think its a great invention. youtube link for it
  12. I remeber most of this stuff here they took candy cigs outta stores but u can still buy them online
  13. your wish is granted you find thos pics of terri and you live happily ever after. I wish I could fly , so i could poop on all the people that have craped on me, mostly men.
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