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  1. Welcome. I am also new but can tell you that I have really enjoyed all the people. I am a new EMT-Basic. Just finished class and taking the National on Friday. Hoping to hear this week about a job. Glad to meet you. Tina
  2. Tpage10


  3. I think its cool. Maybe I will learn French now!
  4. I will treat them, massage them, do everything I can to make those darling ff feel better and up to doing their job again. no matter how long it takes, or what it takes..............I'm there!
  5. I took the Fast Track. I can tell you SAMPLE, OPQRST, DCAP-BTLS..... I know my EMT book from Cover to Cover. I took the Fast Track because I have a medical background. Don't be so quick to judge.
  6. Lol, nice.... Your probably right. Oh well, a girl can dream!
  7. If its not written down, it didn't happen....at least that's what I was taught. If he can not prove he turned care over to an equal or higher medical professional then he neglected his job. In some cases Forgery is a felony so he would most likely be out of the job because most places wont employ you if you have a felony charge. I can't imagine what he was thinking in terms of justification for his actions.
  8. Happy Birthday to Both of you
  9. When I was 18 and working as a Pharmacy Technician one of my job duties was a delivery driver of a company car. On my off time I received a DUI. It didn't affect my job as a Pharmacy Technician but the insurance company for the business would no longer cover me as I was now high risk. I didn't loose my job but we had to reevaluate my duties as I could no longer fill them. I do not know the policies for Ada County Paramedic but I will certainly find out. Did you get a DUI mom? j/k
  10. I could not get the video to play but I have mixed feelings on this topic. I read the comments of others after the article and there were some really good points. When I buy a new motorcycle I take the advanced STARS course so I can learn to operate it properly and confidently. I have never driven an ambulance and have yet to ride in one so I would like the opportunity to take a training course on how to properly maneuver it in any given situation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending or condoning this type of behavior. I am wondering, after seeing and reading this, whether or not there is training available on how to properly handle the ambulance (not just any ambulance, but your ambulance) in all weather situations.
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