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  1. CH, That is why I asked for clarification, I simply provided the article as a refresher just in case.... Respectfully, JW
  2. Speedy, Can you clarify the above for me please? Not sure I understand? Femoral pulse checks are pretty worthless. See below... Respectfully, JW (Circulation. 2005;112:IV-78 – IV-83.) © 2005 American Heart Association, Inc. 2005 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care 8. Connick M, Berg RA. Femoral venous pulsations during open-chest cardiac massage. Ann Emerg Med. 1994; 24: 1176–1179. Assessment During CPR At present there are no reliable clinical criteria that clinicians can use to assess the efficacy of CP
  3. Well, you will see two schools of thought from people on this, some will say yes try it, others such as myself will say no... In my 19 years experience in EMS, the PROBABILITY of pacing working is NOT statistically significant. Also, there is case law to support the medic D/C compressions based on sheer exhaustion...... Respectfully, JW
  4. Well, Short answer, NO and it depends.... First, to answer your question accurately, please " qualify" arrest? If the patient is in V-Fib or Pulseless V-tach, the answer is NO. If your patient is in symptomatic bradycardia, refractory to medication , then obviously pacing and or CPR are indicated. ( This is also making the assumption one has figured out WHY the patient is in arrest and is instituting specific TX modalities. Respectfully, JW
  5. You said the key word in this entire scenario..." WALK AROUND" As a pilot, this is something I do EVERY single time before every leg of a flight...........As a Flight Paramedic, this is something I did as well, EVERY SINGLE TIME........Complacency Kills! Honestly, how hard would it have been to open the door and put it on the seat? Seriously.......MAJOR FAIL........ JW
  6. Just wanted to elaborate a little more on how " Negligence" is actually proven in a court of law. Just finished up a law class, so this is pretty fresh in my mind! Negligence claims require the plaintiff to prove 5 elements: 1. Duty of care owed to the victim, and 2. Breach of that duty of care, and was the 3. Actual Cause of the damages or injuries, and was 4. Proximate Cause of the damages or injuries, and 5. Damages or Injuries resulted. Duty of Care owed? The basic premise of the law of negligence is that each person has a duty to conduct their affairs in a manner which avoid
  7. I would not go as far and say no good option....... MIT ( Massachusetts Institue of Technology) provides many outstanding lectures and video courses online free of charge...I have literally watched 2 semesters worth of various MBA and Health courses..... MIT LINK Just click on the Health Sciences and Technology link, or go to the video courses, or whatever else you need..... Many top rated schools have put their lectures and courses online for free. One just has to know where to look... Respectfully, JW EDIT......In fact, I just went through HST 151 Principles of Pharmacolo
  8. Richard, Good info about the radio stuff......The cost structure you outlined above SHOULD be covered ad nauseum in a well written Business Plan...As a Pilot, Paramedic, and someone who holds an MBA, I certainly agree with you the chances of startup and making it past year 1 are slim at best without proper leadership and capital..... Respectfully, John Wade MBA, FP-C
  9. Dart, Here is the REAL, NO BULLSHIT deal answers to your questions... FIRST AND FOREMOST...... 1. You and Your Friend need to write a BUSINESS PLAN for your future Helicopter Service.... For Example I am currently in the process of starting a fixed wing operation with a friend of mine, and the business plan we wrote was 35 pages, with 15 of those pages being nothing but FINANCIAL INDICATORS. This will be the HEART and SOUL of the operation and not something that can be thrown together quickly or done mediocre. For example, 1. Personnel Plan 2. Profitability % 3. Activity
  10. Seems like EMS is not the only people who can't agree on entry level standards......Thoughts? Nursing Tug of War
  11. Exactly, I heard this EXACT same quote from 2 different ER nurses today while I was teaching ACLS........ The paramedics who would be capable of working in an ICU would be considered statistical outliers. ( Yes, there are some) However, definitely not the mean of the population... Respectfully, JW
  12. Course Requirements for AAS Degree Paramedic Courses Required All courses with the PAR prefix must be passed with a "B-" or better in order for a student to progress through the paramedic program sequence. PAR 1000 EMT Basic (2) PAR 1001 EMT Basic Lab (4) PAR 2000 Intro to Paramedic Practice (4) PAR 2010 Medical Emergencies (6) PAR 2020 Traumatic Emergencies (3) PAR 2030 Special Considerations in Paramedic Practice (3) PAR 2040 Paramedic Clinical I (4) PAR 2100 Advanced Paramedic Practice (4) PAR 2110 Paramedic Clinical II (3) PAR 2120 Paramedic Internship (9) Students partici
  13. CCMEDOC, My paramedic program REQUIRED A&P I,II, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology I,II, All these classes were taken in a 300 seat auditorium at a very big University, where all the students of Nursing, EMS, RT, PRE-MED, all sat together for these classes.....Only when we went for our " core" classes did we break up into our respective fields......... So, after reading this last 2 pages of the thread, both sides present strong and valid points. Unfortunately, politics and ego continue to dominate the efforts needed to make meaning
  14. Agree with CHBARE i do!!!! ( My best YODA impersona) Go to the APP store and search for iRESQ. I downloaded it tonight, and it is amazing...by far the best out there.... Also, the author is a friend of mine, and if you have any issues or problems, he will take care of them ASAP for you..... JW
  15. Vent, My cousin is a PT in Michigan and her program was a Masters in Science. I am pretty sure just about all PT programs are all Graduate level now? We could take a lesson from these guys and the Pharm people i think! JW
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