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    Hey! I go by Crispy as a fire department nick name that has stuck. I am 22 years old and have been involved in EMS since I was in the 10th grade. I lived in NY where I started a jr ski patrol, PA where I worked full time for a fire dept, and now im in NC where I volunteer! I am a paramedic student and I am always on the go! If you want to know anything else let me know!!

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    EMT/FF / T mobile sales rep
  1. I am not... I use to run full time emt/ff in pa. Down here I was volunteer until my fire dept decided that major surgery isnt a good excuse to not show up on calls/meetings. So now I'm just taking it easy. I was in EMT-P class at RCCC but thanks to surgery... not anymore!!!

  2. uhhhhh.... hasnt been my day, my week, my month or even my year

  3. uhhhhh.... hasnt been my day, my week, my month or even my year

  4. uhhhhh.... hasnt been my day, my week, my month or even my year

  5. Not working on a truck anywhere right now. I'm a full time BLS Instructor and I'm going to school two days a week to get my paramedic creds. Are you currently working in the field?

  6. Hey!! how are you?? Thanks for saying hi! Who do you run with?

  7. Hey Crispy! I just saw that you're in Monroe. I'm in Charlotte and thought I would say HI.....so......HI!!!

  8. Didn't it say he had a pulse and was breathing? The last GSW I was on we still did CPR. It wasn't successful since it went through both lungs and an artery. I know it was an assuption but the first people on scene said he was breathing and had a pulse. I don't know there protocalls but in order to call DOA we need proof as far as no pulse and signs of rigor. If that isn't found we are putting our abs to work. I know we all make mistakes but that was something that could have been avoided. That's kinda like giving the wrong drug to a patient. I see where your coming from and we all make mis
  9. Since EMS is a newer kind of health care we have to struggle everyday to show what we can do. As far as I'm concerned the paramedics should be fired and have there certifications taken from them. They aparently didn't make any kind of contact or administer any kind of care. Don't they have protocalls??
  10. Crispy67


    Hey here are some pics I have managed to gather up through my few years of ems
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