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  1. This isn't something I have ever really entertained no do I have in the least any respect for someone that cheats on their life partner, yet it seems to become pretty common practice these days to have a "romp on the side". This conversation became the topic of discussion today after a friend seemed pretty upset. He explained that years ago his father had an office affair, although very fleeting, that his mother found out about. I must admit, his father would be the last person I would have thought to have an affair. He's the ultimate family man working hard so his family never has anything
  2. This is standard practice for my current employer. No argument will be entered into, if you do not comply with this you there will be no flight. Sa d day indeed seeing another headline like this.
  3. Saw this the other day and have been thinking of writing this into my first aid courses. I mostly provide courses to men so it might have the desired memory effect.
  4. With working off shore and remote like I am, it's a requirement for me to go through a physical and medical fitness test at least every twelve months. The physicial involved swimming, lifting, climbing and carrying various crap around. While the medical includes, hearing test, visual test, lung funtion, various bloods including HIV. I personally think introducing something similar as a employment requirement in South African EMS would be a step in the better direction.
  5. Ahhh, gotta love the dark continent. We are always about 10 years behind the rest of you guys
  6. Ditto.... Now if only I can find a way to show it to the gangbangers here and see if there's a change in attitude. Nothing scarier that treating a multiple GSW chest and having a firearm shoved into your neck with the holder saying "leave him, let him die".....
  7. Wow, this thread suddenly exploded with comments. True to human nature and our individuality there's positive and negative comments. While I am not a fan of rap either, I say let the man do what he does. We all have our "coping" methods for this job and this might be his. Personally I think it's done really well, and good show to FDNY for supporting him in this. Had I tried (and I don't have an artistic bone in my body) to do something like this, no service within South Africa would be as forth coming as FDNY has been with Farooq. Yet another reason I will cherish my visit to FDNY a few years
  8. I have no idea how relevant this will be, I got lost somewhere between Alba and BC. We in South Africa seem to be heading the same way you guys are heading. They are currently reviewing the education standards and has comeup with the two tier / qualification systemand simply dropping the "short" course system like a hot potato. With the short course system we effectively had three qualification. Basic Ambulance Assistant (a 120 hours course) which was followed by Ambulance Emergency Assistant (Intermediate, a 470 hour course)and then finally Critical Care Assistant (Advanced, a 1200 hour cours
  9. Arrgh, I've had a few times were I thought I might have given myself a cracked skull on those. Sadly we still have the dome fluorescent ones in the patient care compartments
  10. You have got to love the field we are working in. Things like this would make for brilliant reading
  11. Scary stuff. In South Africa you are required to have a drivers license in order to enter the profession. From time to time we (supervisors) simply arrive on a scene or call and do "quality" checks on the crew at hand. As supervisors or ALS providers we have rapid response vehicles making such checks easier. I had a 4year ILS member recently who had no idea how to check HGT when I asked her to please check it on a suspected hypoglycemic case. Her incompetence resulted in a disciplinary hearing with a final written warning. I also instituted remedial action for this and forced her to check
  12. We've also been using the LED lights for some time now. It beats the old rotators in the dark hands down.
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