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  1. Hey all, I'm considering relocating to the midwest - probably the Wisconsin area from Southern New England. Salaries here are probably some of the highest in the country, but we also have some of the highest standards of living in the country. All things being equal, salary should be relative to the cost it is to where you live. I'm curious what salaries are in the MidWest and if most EMTs and medics can get by on your salary there - or are you juggling multiple jobs. I talked to one or two medics in the area and was surprised to learn that 24 hour shifts are often the standard.
  2. Tim, 2 months ago my medical control was suspended because the BP for my patient was 80/50. The only other symptom possibly indicative of hypotension she exhibited was a headache. She also had drank alcohol earlier that day, it was hot and humid with no A/C, and her husband was very annoying to her. On scene she appeared stable- normal skin color, and able to recall information (with time- she had a substance abuse history which didn't help). While she was definitly a priority patient, her hypotension wasn't the primary reason I was concerned with. I was concerned about the longer- evolving renal failure. Where did you get this definition?
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