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  1. Jacksons ride to the hospital i have a few things to say about this 1. it must have been a pain in the ass to get out of his driveway 2. i think those reporters are idiots for jumping on the back bumper
  2. i would imagine doing cpr on michael jackson would be like doing cpr on a practice dummy lol
  3. hmmmmm it depends on a few factors 1. if the day care has the pts sugar testing kit (because EMT-B's in NJ can only assist in testing blood sugar and do not carry a test kit) 2. and what the pts symptoms are but what i would have done is arrived o/s, assesed pt, determined if i need ALS or not, Have day care contact mom or dad, and provide pt care until mom or dad gets their to sign RMA or to bring pt to hospital
  4. NJ does not have anything special but my volley squad recommends new drivers to take CEVO
  5. you know what, all of you want to bad mouth the volunteers and how unprofessional you think we are well let me tell you this. The paid emts in my town are some of the most ignorant assholes that i have ever met. when me and GVAC-redneck get 911 calls in our city, our patients tell us how rude and unprofessional they are. and another thing that happened is that the paid emt told there patient that the volunteers will pay for his/her bill for shits and giggles. so that makes me wonder about you paid emt's. i have been told countless times how much the volunteers are appreciated and how peopl
  6. thank you. and what qualifies me for this position is that i've been on over 400 calls in the past year and a half varying in different scenarios. and to save my ambulance corp from falling apart i decided to ride every night for two weeks straight because we were so short handed. as for going to school i have a balance of college and volunteer. as for past medical experiences. when i was 13 i started learning first aid skills through boy scouts. after that i became a life guard for 3 years. after that i became a first responder for a year. then i became an emt. and even to this day i s
  7. Hi my name is paul mellor and i am a member of the garfield volunteer ambulance corp (GVAC). i am 19 years old and i was in the running for 2nd LT position in my ambulance corp. i lost the position to a member who is an EMT for only 8 months compared to my year and a half. i also have more experience and i have a medical experience background. but unfortunately the person that was running against me won by a popularity contest instead of experience. this really pissed me off because i worked so hard for the spot and i lost it for a stupid reason.
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