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  1. my service still carries them, as stated before... mostly movement/ extrication/ CPR needs with strict "we had to keep them on the board for X reasons" mostly altered LOC following trauma, etc. otherwise just a C/ X-collar while laying on the cot
  2. i ran away to join the circus. i am very happy here. they gave me this cool jacket honestly though i never spent much time in the forums though this could change now, just went to a different chatting site and haven't really had a reason to come back....
  3. So recently State of Wisconsin has been trying to get out a version of tracking software for mass-causality events. The company that the state went with was intermedix. Just was wondering if any other states/ services were using any intermedix software, especially the EMTrack system. Basic rundown of the software. It allows a patient to be tracked from the initial contact in the field to discharge from the hospital, and can also be used to give a hospital a "heads up" that you're headed their way with (insert chief complaint here).
  4. Totally missed it.. had a date with the gf in the morning/ early afternoon, refresher that night, then forgot my tablet at work overnight :/ next time hopefully
  5. Was he found wearing khaki's? D: As for this "pain detector" it may just be a BS medi-onion story, but I bet they're out there working on a real one...
  6. I'd come back more if I knew the room was active <.< it's been so long since I was here :'(
  7. been using 10 since i could download it. its really not that bad to be fair. I especially am enjoying the tablet/ desktop split (using a Surface 3 Pro). otherwise business as usual ALSO: i'm suprised terri could figure out how to turn the computer back on
  8. Playing assassins creed 4 when suddenly... I am twelve and what is this?????

  9. Who needs a massage when you have subwoofers?

  10. That moment you realize that Dan could see/ hear Gabe in Next To Normal from the start....

  11. So... At the Matt smith q/a... Good GOD is it packed...

  12. So apparently I'm an engineer...

  13. don't worry chief. the train'll just go right over the top of the hose! i can guarantee it!
  14. any other history? specifically addictions/ diabetes/ stroke/ cardiac? medications? WITNESSED number taken? Also check pupils... per my level, check BGL, obtain twelve lead & transmit, obtain vitals, protect airway and assist ventilations as necessary, appropriate sized IV with .9NS, once IV is established, administer enough narcan to bring the respiratory drive back around (lets not bring him out just yet... no need to have a pissed off 54 year old in extreme pain thrashing around without need for it >.> )
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