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  1. In reference to feeling ready to quit? For a year or two at least with my letter written and ready to hand in. My average so far over the past 3 years has been around 57 hours a week (thats not including my shifts left for this week). I've done 80-hour weeks where I'm essentially living at the station. Granted, 500 calls a year is probably a month for her, but its still "I can probably move into the station and be slightly ahead" I totally understand the outrage of pay, I think being paid double what the general EMT's are paid due to being an officer (minimum wage for basic, $7.5/ hr for AEMT), but the village workers entry-level is higher than mine. If not for state retirement and health insurance, I'd have probably left long ago. Honestly I'd love to be making her 17/hr though when I'm down around 13.
  2. my service still carries them, as stated before... mostly movement/ extrication/ CPR needs with strict "we had to keep them on the board for X reasons" mostly altered LOC following trauma, etc. otherwise just a C/ X-collar while laying on the cot
  3. i ran away to join the circus. i am very happy here. they gave me this cool jacket honestly though i never spent much time in the forums though this could change now, just went to a different chatting site and haven't really had a reason to come back....
  4. So recently State of Wisconsin has been trying to get out a version of tracking software for mass-causality events. The company that the state went with was intermedix. Just was wondering if any other states/ services were using any intermedix software, especially the EMTrack system. Basic rundown of the software. It allows a patient to be tracked from the initial contact in the field to discharge from the hospital, and can also be used to give a hospital a "heads up" that you're headed their way with (insert chief complaint here).
  5. Totally missed it.. had a date with the gf in the morning/ early afternoon, refresher that night, then forgot my tablet at work overnight :/ next time hopefully
  6. Was he found wearing khaki's? D: As for this "pain detector" it may just be a BS medi-onion story, but I bet they're out there working on a real one...
  7. I'd come back more if I knew the room was active <.< it's been so long since I was here :'(
  8. Defiant1

    Windows 10

    been using 10 since i could download it. its really not that bad to be fair. I especially am enjoying the tablet/ desktop split (using a Surface 3 Pro). otherwise business as usual ALSO: i'm suprised terri could figure out how to turn the computer back on
  9. Playing assassins creed 4 when suddenly... I am twelve and what is this?????

  10. Who needs a massage when you have subwoofers?

  11. That moment you realize that Dan could see/ hear Gabe in Next To Normal from the start....

  12. So... At the Matt smith q/a... Good GOD is it packed...

  13. So apparently I'm an engineer...

  14. don't worry chief. the train'll just go right over the top of the hose! i can guarantee it!
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