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  1. Hi stranger, How you doing????

  2. Moved on to a new job, looking for a home, and chasing kiddos. I am doing great :)

  3. I am doing well.. how are you doing doc? It has been far too long since we talked.

  4. hi :) hope all is going well for you!

  5. Hey hope life continues to be good there. It's nice and cool up here! Should snow here in about a month or so....

  6. Making some major changes here. I have given notice and am looking for a new job! :) Stressful, but a good move. I feel lighter already; the BS was starting to weigh me down.

  7. CRRRRRAAAAAAAZZZZZYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! How the bajeeeze are you??

    Life's good here....way to flippin' hot though...haha. :)

  8. just chekin in to see how life is and to say hi :)

  9. hey, hope all is well there in AZ :)

  10. Life is going well here. the kids and fam are doing great:)

  11. Hey Doc!! How are you? Been a LONG TIME since we talked. I miss our chats!! Hope things are FANTASTIC!!!

  12. yep I am , hope you're family is growing and doing well!

  13. hey! i see you're still rocking it out as usual. i hope you're doing well:)

  14. wassup mrs. bull!

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