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  1. Thank you all for responding! To answer your questions, I'm turning 18 next month, and graduating high school this June. I really appreciate all the advice! Thank you by the way, Clutzy, for mentioning the human aspect. It's reassuring to hear that what makes the most difference to the patients is being able to connect with them Few more questions if you all could answer them, What's the Brady Book? What can I get a head start on that will help me through tough classes like A&P? Thanks again everyone!!
  2. Hey! I'm in the same boat with you, about to graduate, and hoping to start EMT Paramedic classes! Just wanted to ask, do you expect any difficulty in classes or in being hired because of your young age? Because I'd be only 18 as I was starting classes, I've heard it would be very difficult to find actual employment as an EMT until you are around 21. If you have any info or thoughts on starting young, let me know!
  3. Hey everyone! Glad I found you all, from what I've gathered from some brief browsing, this seems like a good place to get advice on the world of EMS! So, I'd thought I'd just directly ask this community some on my questions, as I'm a little on the fence about pursuing EMT and Paramedic Should I become an EMS student and eventually an EMT? Also, will my age hinder me greatly? What are the challenges of studying to be an EMT that I should be aware of? If you're concerned about the emotional and mental strain of the job, but know it is a challenge you want to try and overcome, should you think twice? Sorry for all the big questions, any answers or advice you could give me would really be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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