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  1. Use "quote". Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  2. You need to do some research first. 1) Find out what the state requires. If the state isn't helping, talk to other service directors, or your state represenative. Find out if the requirements are in code or administrative law, or where you can find them. 2) Find out what protocols you will operate under and what special equipment that will require. 3) Find out what the hospitial will provide for you and at what cost, and compare that to the list of items you need. From there, devise your list, and contact sales reps in your area, their pricing will differ from what you see on the websites. If you will be spending $10,000 with a rep, he can afford to take 5%-10% off the margin and still make his money. Forums are great for many things, this isn't one of them. Not to say your question isn't valid, and I encourage you to talk about your progress here, to serve as a learning tool for others. But sometimes, you really need the word straight from the source as opposed to anecdotes.
  3. Admin: How long does it take a sponsorship to process? I paid on the 5th but am still seeing ads. Thanks.
  4. Much better, and I agree with you there. You need to learn how to articulate your point better, college student. (Side note: I will be a college student again this summer! )
  5. Anecdotally, I was told nurses were flocking to Cali last year for the nursing strike. A combination of CA's OT laws, and probably just the location itself helped that. I understand what you are saying about the expense too. Amanda looked into Agency Nursing briefly, before she realized the travel commitment, they make some killer pay. That money has to come from somewhere.
  6. Is it ethical for the agency nurses to cross pickett lines to provide care to the patients inside, who had no control over the working conditions?
  7. Your backyard friends, the Backyardiagans.

  8. Do you actually KNOW any nurses, or are you just talking out your ass?
  9. Don't forget the great state of Indiana. Our house democrats fleed to Ill. to prevent a Right to Work vote. I see no reason why I pay $250 a year to one of the major Detroit unions, in my dispatching job. But what do I know? I could tell you lots of stories about the union failing to do anything for the worker, in my short 5 years of FT employment. And don't even get me started on the discipline grivance process. Lowest common denominator? In answer to Kt's question... In California when there were the large scale nursing strikes, many agencies brought nurses in that were willing to cross picket lines. And paid them a good preimium for doing so. Do you know if the hospital arranged something on those lines?
  10. brentoli

    Snake Bites

    Never knew it was anti-venin. Learneded me something new! Coral snakes act on the nervous system, I wonder if that is why the product is more complicated? Whats the saying? Red on Black, you're dead, Jack. Red on Yellow, you're a lucky fellow? Its been a few years since boy scouts, I can't remember for sure.
  11. Can't get no respect!

    1. spenac


      dispatchers deserve no respect. lol

    2. scubanurse


      you gotta earn the respect

    3. scubanurse


      you gotta earn the respect

  12. brentoli

    Snake Bites

    Better you than me. Did you find out any info, if they will have anti-venom on site or corrdinate with any doctors?
  13. Its Steven R Jenkins Company http://www.srjco.com/ Fort Wayne Store 1533 Goshen Road (260) 483-7997 Directions But I don't see Converse on their website. Sorry I can't help more!
  14. Lest we forget, bumpers have struts and springs built in to absorb/distribute impact better. I would rather have the bumper hit me than the grill.
  15. Twitter me: @B_tothe_Rent

  16. I completely agree. Just being a full time dispatcher, I felt the need to correct some information. I am lucky, I live in a fairly suburban county, with good addressing and good infrastructure. However, I grew up in the boondocks of Missouri, so I can empathize with your problem. Do you have major events or festivals in your area? Your idea for magnets is a good one, I would corrdinate with other agencies in your county (all PD, Fire, and EMS districts) and even try to get corprate sponsors, to help defray the costs of the materials. Figure out the # of households in your county (available by census data) get a couple of sponsors on board to place their logo on a 3x5 magnet with the information, and do a mass mailing of them. With the sponsors you could cut down on much, or even all of the cost. You might check into it, but they may even be able to work that in as a tax write off for their company. EDIT: I just saw you are from Canadia. But I am sure there are still aspects of this that will work for you, and this idea is good for anyone in the US as well. Just make sure my name is on the magnets.
  17. I don't know his motivation in asking, but in his defense, Florida is a very heavy Fire-Medic state. Because of that I considered it a valid question, if not clear.
  18. Holy bump! Your first step needs to be contacting your certifying agency with your state. Diffrent states have diffrent rules. Here in Indiana "BLS Non-Transport" vehicles are required to have a state certification and have specific equipment they need to carry. Check with Arizona, see what their requirements are and that will give you a better idea of the direction to head.
  19. I am familiar with a doctor, a PA, and several nurses who became Paramedics after their original education. For the doctor, it was to get a better feel of what his medics go through (he is a med director). I don't know why the PA did. The nurses all have varying reasons for it. I see nothing wrong with cross-training yourself. If you have done the research to know what it takes to get yourself into medical school, then follow what you are called to do, as long as it assists you in meeting your goals.
  20. I just want to point out two errors. First if the e911 system is not correct, whoever handles 911 for your area needs to get with their ANI/ALI provider. That is their responsiblity to keep correct, and when errors are found they should be fowarded to them. Secondly, there are several modes of GPS on cell phones. All new phones can transmit exact satellite based lat/lon to the 911 node. The only error in those coordinates would be on par with error in your GPS in your car. Some phones/carriers can triangulate positions. That also comes with a decent rate of reliability. Also 911 centers can contact cell phone companies to get subscribers name and addresses in cases with extigent circumstances. Finally, old cell phones send the tower location to the 911 center. Just wanted to clarify some statements you made.
  21. There is a big police supply store in Ft Wayne, I can't remember the name of it, but I can look up their # if that's not too far from you? Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  22. Come on Wendy. Its not that rough. You didn't have a baby during fall break! Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  23. brentoli

    Snake Bites

    Doesn't keep me from screaming like a little girl when I see one. Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
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