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  1. Well that phone call makes me feel a whole lot better about things. ;)

  2. friend list purge done, privacy settings reviewed.....what kind of trouble to get into now.

  3. Feeling dazed and tired. When will this end?

  4. People keep telling me how much better I am looking since all this started. I wish I felt as good as I apparently look. Everyday is a battle.

  5. slowly, slowly things are leveling out

  6. Hi from Alberta, Canada

    Welcome to the city. Any questions at all, feel free to ask....we don't bite, though mobey does drool a Thru
  7. Had a very good breakfast with Jessica Powell and Tyler

  8. Goose spit August 18/2013

  9. Had a great coffee with Missy Thompson and Virginia Wylie!

  10. Overheard: "what's that doctor that deals with women's problem's" second guy:" you mean the psychiatrist?" Lmao

  11. Arrived in comox safe and sound!

  12. Even coming out almost 30 years ago, Top Gun is still an incredible movie!

  13. looking for volunteers to help with next weeks Stettler Relay for life. If you are able to come out and help it be greatly appreciated, and it's for a great cause!