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  1. Well that phone call makes me feel a whole lot better about things. ;)

  2. friend list purge done, privacy settings reviewed.....what kind of trouble to get into now.

  3. Feeling dazed and tired. When will this end?

  4. People keep telling me how much better I am looking since all this started. I wish I felt as good as I apparently look. Everyday is a battle.

  5. slowly, slowly things are leveling out

  6. Welcome to the city. Any questions at all, feel free to ask....we don't bite, though mobey does drool a little........lol. Thru
  7. the BLS service I work for uses Entonox. I have found it fairly effective as a drug in quite a few cases, but in my experience you have to watch it with the 'nox as some people do not react well with it (cue vomit) and others I have witnessed the patient be complete unaffected by the gas. And yes I did shake the cylinder so they were getting the mixed gas, lol. Thru
  8. I;ve been in situation myself as of late not knowing whether or not I am going too step foot on truck again due to medical issues. I definitely understand what you are saying,and am hoping to hell I get cleared back to work myself. I am reasonably sure that it's a question that, forced medically or not, everyone in this profession faces at some point or other.All we can do to answer that question is take the time to reason it out, and not force the issue. If we go back before medically cleared, are we a help or a danger to the patient? Same question if someone is completely burned out and th
  9. regardless of wheher you are training for Red Cross, of SJA, they are both good at supporting their instructors. Probably easier to find a school to teach for under SJA, but I personally like and stick with the Red Cross program as I find it is written for the general public with zero medical experience. There are a multitude of training centre's around, you just need to check your yellow pages. As for being a paramedic first? Not at all. there are instructors out there whom have no EMS experience what so ever. EMS experience is definitely an asset, but by no means a requirement. Thru
  10. Hey Jungaree, I would in all honesty recomend teaching for another education services for awhile as a new instructor and let them absorb some of the costs. Equipment wise you will be looking at $2000 minimum for equipment and teaching aids, Also depending which agency you are teaching with (Saint John, Heart and Stroke, etc) You will have to pay $300/mos for liability and errors and omissions insurance, and with Red Cross that Insurance is mandatory. Just some food for thought. Thrutheashes
  11. Had a very good breakfast with Jessica Powell and Tyler

  12. Goose spit August 18/2013

  13. Had a great coffee with Missy Thompson and Virginia Wylie!

  14. Overheard: "what's that doctor that deals with women's problem's" second guy:" you mean the psychiatrist?" Lmao

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