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  1. It is important to remember that people control their own destiny. This is something I try to keep in mind whenever I am faced with a situation I cannot understand. Some people have such a strong desire for independance that they are to the point of self destruction. It sounds like this lady may be headed on that path. Sadly as long as she is aware of what she is doing, we can't put up a roadblock. You took the right steps in speaking to the family and also the proper authorities, even if they cannot address the problem directly they will have the file for her. I have contacted MC a few times in situations like these, and their hands are tied just as tightly as ours. You just have to get the student to belive in thinking outside the box. Its a difficult skill to learn, I have been in EMS 6 years now and I still struggle sometimes. What I would do is take the incident and throw "what ifs" into it as you discuss it and develop the critical thinking skills where they can relate it to the real world. Those sorts of learning moments have always impacted me more than just the RRR's.
  2. My stock was ok, we switched from Combi to King in January, we had to wait about 3 weeks to get the new stock of King's in due to a back order. I also got a new recall notice today, a hardness issue in some tubes causing flexing and crimping during insertion, I don't know the specifics as I wasn't included in that one either so I discarded the letter.
  3. Do it. Take it from me, I wish I would have continued my education before I decided to start my life. Now with a wife and a baby (and a bun in the oven) to think about, I can't just up and leave my job to start the next medic class I find. I have to make a very consious decision, and will probably have to wait a few more years solely due to the budgetary aspect of the deal. School will give you the means to put food on the table, but school won't give you the food while you're in it. If ya know what I mean there.
  4. brentoli

    Snake Bites

    I completely agree. And I didn't think about poison control, my first call would probably be to the ER. I haven't read much about snakebites for sometime, so I don't know how old and what the basis is for the lymph constriction. I also remeber, and I have no refrences for this other than some Discovery Health program or other such nonsense, that many "rapid deaths" from snakebites occur because the snake injects directly into a vein or artery. I know there is some nut job (I say that because I HATE snakes) out in my territory somewhere with a spitting cobra or other silly thing that I will probably get called to someday. And I will pee myself all the way there. We may not be able to answer the OP's question directly, but at least there is a flow of knowledge here to assist us in knowing what we really don't know. Don't forget to make sure the snake is secure! I honestly did not even know what venomous snakes are native to Indiana before this thread, now that I have looked, I can rest in relative peace knowing my area is void of venomous snakes at ttime time. Of course when I lived in Missouri, we were void of armadillos for centuries until tthe early 2000's.
  5. brentoli

    Snake Bites

    This isn't covered in our protocols locally. Interesting though the last I knew was to use a loose constricting band. The thought being to allow blood flow but constrict the lymph, since that's how most venom travels. Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  6. Awesome. Love tort-ridden America. Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  7. Ass. I do, I dispatch, and I am in my intership phase to teach!
  8. Awesome, I have lots of family/contacts spread across southern Il. Thats why I was asking. (You all consider anything south of Chicago as southern, right? ) Welcome, dive in and have fun.
  9. Ruff I edited this quote a touch, because it is applicable to so many more things than just PC.
  10. Welcome! What section of Ill.?
  11. Kings they sent out after a couple week backorder should be OK though? Correct? I need to double check my stock in the AM, thanks.
  12. Nurses really don't suck! My life would be lonely if I thought that!

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      Lol... but they can be nutters sometimes!

  13. Nurses Suck

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      maybe it's you that sucks

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      Well, certainly with any luck they do. If not, work on your tongue exercises with Jello Shots. Then, maybe they will.

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      Not all of us suck.....

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  14. Wendy, Is it possible your instructor is just trying to encourage you to find out the "why" on your own, and not take up the scheduled time for it? Possibly they just haven't done a good job at communicating this? Obviously we can't draw all the conclusions with out sitting in class with you. My experience in college was that some profs had a very tight schedule and a very organized routine to their classes. Sometimes they don't have the time devoted to be able and relate the WHY clearly enough, so they encourage the self study aspect. Just a thought to consider, I don't know if it makes any sense in your situation or not.
  15. Dispatchers Suck!

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      This coming from a dispatcher?

    2. Eydawn
  16. Anyone home? *knock Knock*

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      Would ya quit banging on the window I have a migraine already dude...

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      Lone Star

      *knock knock*..Who is it?

      "It's Dave, I got the stuff"


      "Yeah man, it's Dave"

      Dave's not here!

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      Darn dispatcher.lol

  17. Geeze. That would be a crap load. My portable suction box is about 5x5x5 or larger. On calls where it sounds needed, it goes in, but every call? No way.
  18. Just curious, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to, is West Plains a Cox, or St. John's town? Or do you have your own service there?
  19. I dont agree with the idea of humility, correct. However, nurses do have to learn, even if its at the lowest levels, about instruction and education. A big part of nursing is patient education. They have nurse educators who often times further in to a Masters level degree, to teach their own. Maybe we don't want to make every new paramedic a certified instructor, I'm cool with that. But what about teaching the new paramedic the basics of education and instructon? Not only do you have a more liberally educated provider, but you also have one more capable of communication across diffrent groups. I am beginning work on the last phase of my Primary Instructor here in IN, and its a rough class. The sad part is, the EMS education curriculum only scratches the surface of the educational realm. After two months of classroom studies though, I can say I do look at things in a new light, and think I am able to communicate more effectively with others. with others.
  20. I don't want to take this OT, so if this merits discussion we can open a new thread. My thought process here is that an essential skill of a Paramedic would be communication, the same for an educator. A good instructor course would help to focus the communication into instruction. With the basic program as it stands, it doesn't take a masters degree to present the material, rather in depth vocational knowledge. Like I said I don't want to sidetrack Ruffs contest, and if we want to discuss this a new thread would be great. Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
  21. Can I offer a comment? I'm not making a submission. I think you would rather go the route of an instructors class. A good one would be 3-4 college hours plus internship. Any paramedic worth something should be able to teach a BLS class, just my opinion.
  22. Amanda says I listen to "grunge" music. Is grunge even a word still? That's so 1992.

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