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  1. So its official. Amanda 'Stone' Jensen is turning into a full time student. She applied for her ASN-MSN program today. Working on her Bachelors and Masters all at once. What a freaking over-achiever. Thanks for encouraging her Sherri Rennick Fields !

  2. Time to go home. I vow to have a better trip today, including but not limited to keeping my car in its lane at all times.

  3. Roads are worse than I thought. Apologies to the guy in a Blue Honda... if I ever meet you I'll buy you new underwear.

    1. uglyEMT


      Remember It Is Four Wheel Drive NOT Four Wheel Stop!!

    2. TylerHastings


      Nice Brent aren't you driving some midget car as well..

  4. http://twitpic.com/3gdxnw I finally stopped my cough!!!! Thank you Mr Fisherman!
  5. I just woke upb straight up horror movie style. Sat straight up, pillows flying, the dogs hiding. I am still. Trying to slow down my heart now. Freaky.

  6. Do you have any standards set by the company/school? I work as an FTO in my full time job, and I can tell you that not having goals and standards makes it very hard to measure preformance. At what point are you getting them? Is it medic students, new hires, or something else? That can make a huge diffrence in how you go about it. With out knowing more information, my suggestion would be to set goals for each week. Get with your newb at the start of the week and tell them what you are expecting from them. Its just as hard on them when they don't know what is expected of them also. Give us a little bit bigger of a bite here, what do you have to work with now?
  7. Creative... Immature, but creative.
  8. I think there's a state law that when INDOT fixes the timing on one light they turn "socially awkward" mode on two others.

    1. Lone Star

      Lone Star

      All thes dots....

      Sick dots, mumbling dots, surprized dots. popular dots and slippery dots...


  9. You have strong people in your organization. Honestly, if I was in your shoes, I would shut the organization down January 1. I can't believe that you state EMS commission allows you to still operate under the equipment circumstances. If you shut down Jan. 1 what would happen?
  10. Have you lost a bowl of cereal to chunky milk? We have lawyers ready to help you NOW! 866-CHUNKYS make the call now for a chunk free life!

  11. I have lost my voice in the last 4 hours. No idea how/why....

  12. Sad quick Christmas song..... sad quick Christmas snowman.....

  13. I feel very Abed-ish. Am I in claymation?

  14. Thursday 4" snow potential. Blue line is 10%.

  15. Don't look now.... things may be shaping up for a small ice event towards the end of the week.

  16. Just me and Jasper tonight. Aside from the puke incident earlier, we both have survived so far!

  17. Im watching the Bears game for the snow... true story

  18. At the first Christmas party of the season .... woo!

  19. If zombies ever overtake the world I'm screwed. The army will look at me and say "HA got one!"

  20. We will probably be getting at least half of our snow on the back back side of this system coming off Lake Michigan.

  21. Sometimes I feel like my entire day centers around letting Ranger outside, and back in.

  22. Looking at a double sun dog, my phone camera won't pick it up.

    1. Eydawn


      Oh my gosh, those are SO COOL

  23. I forgot how crappy our state EMT test was. Man.... they could at least spell/grammar check it! I passed at least!

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