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  1. Dust, I can see your point, and might I suggest the Van Dyke avatar for yourself? :twisted: Only playing of course. Imagine if every profession had vollys in it. Could you imagine the unpaid retail sales associate? The unpaid cook at Applebees. Or the unpaid road paver dude... (not the ones from the state prison). You have a completely valid point. But the system is flawed, and with out central guidance, it is irreparable. Where will the central guidance come from? Should EMS everywhere be private? Should it all be public and do away with private companies? A national EMS oversight board? Or leave it up to individual states? I am not trying to the pessimist here, but.... If you came to me today and said my fire department would be staffed 4 people a day, 24/7 full time with supplemental on call personal. I would be all for it. I would be the first one in there with my application. Dust.. there is a bigger point here, where is the funding to come from to make all serviced paid? And if these organizations stay the same and start paying, the money has to come from somewhere else. Tell me how these po'dunk services that will be paying $20k a year will help anyone elses salary? And when the little training and equipment money they already have goes towards personnel instead, what will that show 5 years from now? Like I said, don't get me wrong, I am not "PROUD TO BE VOLUNTEER" I am proud of what I do, yes, I am proud of my department, yes. My point here is everything cost money, and that money doesn't magically appear. It is going to take a much bigger force then we have right now to change the state of things. Hopefully in our lifetimes at least the ball will get some more momentum behind it.
  2. Can't see what it would hurt honestly. I don't have any psychological background, but I have never seen an emergency vehicle with out these cute cuddly lil buddies on them Shoot, I steal one when I am lonely at the station. (joke)
  3. Guidelines From The American College of Surgeons Call For Rapid Transport When: Ground transport to an appropriate facility poses a threat to the patient's recovery or ground transport is delayed due to weather or geography. [*]Extrication time or road conditions will seriously delay the patient's access to advanced life support [*]Motor vehicle accidents have occurred at 20 mph or more and the occupants are not wearing seat belts [*]The passenger area of the motor vehicle is compressed to 18 inches [*]The occupant is thrown from the vehicle [*]A motor vehicle rolls over [*]Another occupant in the vehicle dies [*]A pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle traveling 20 mph or more [*]A person falls from 20 feet or more [*]Burns to chest, neck, face or perineal area. [*]Any traumatic injury which requires significant fluid replacement or neurological impairment. Now I am sure we have all seen people who were just fine after any of the vehicle conditions listed above. I am also sure we have all seen people who needed Level 1 treatment and did not fit those criteria. There is a key word in this post though... [spoil:43b14c9fb3]Guidelines[/spoil:43b14c9fb3] We use guidelines in EMS all of the time, we adjust them for the situation and what the specific needs are. Are you sure your service REQUIRES a flight on any of those situations? I only have a lowly 2 years of experience, but I can count on one hand the times we have landed a helicopter. And that includes 5 miles of serious wreck prone interstate. It sounds to me like some people are in kahutz with the state and milking some money out of services that don't know any better. As far as the KED goes, that too I have only seen used a few times. Is that right? Probably not. Does it happen, everywhere. Yes From the forum surfing I do, I notice there are issues that never die... badges, lights on POV's, EMT-B's and IV's, and KED's. I'm sure there is more out there. Anyway, you have to make a judgement call as far as the KED goes, you know your c-spine protocols better then anyone else (I hope).
  4. Every department is different. Every one knows there are volunteer departments that are better trained/staffed/equipped then some paid departments. Everyone also knows there are some municipalities that CAN afford to make their departments paid, and some that can barely afford to sustain them as volunteers. This goes for EMS and fire both. The pissing match is useless. No one is going to change 75% of America. I come from a volunteer Fire/EMS orginization that is very professional. We have newer equipment, younger members, and a good attitude with everyone. Most of our members are FF I/II and EMT's along with advanced certifications. The truth is, if our department went to full time staffing, we wouldn't be able to afford a lot of the things we have now. Which is more important; nice, dependable, safe equipment or 4 guys on a 1990 van converted into an ambulance by Mike's body shop. Truth of the matter is everyone has to decide that. And not everyone makes the right decision, but no one ever said politicians were the brightest either.
  5. Giggity Giggity Giggity ALL RIGHT! Congrats. Take it easy with the hair though. You don't want to expose that to someone all at once. :wink:
  6. I have only had a couple of meetings with suicidal patients, so I don't have THAT kind of experience to go on. However, if you can find a class on suicide intervention, I would STRONGLY recommend taking it. I am a 911 dispatcher as well as an EMT/FF and I have taken a hostage negotiation class and a suicide intervention for my job at 911. Both are excellent classes. While we aren't usually in the position of trying to talk someone out of it, still, it gives you a better understanding not only of the person, but also a better grasp of how to communicate with anyone that is desperate.
  7. Eh, just be cool theres nothing else really to worry about. Don't be annoying, don't try to fit in with them. If you work with the same companies over and over they will get used to ya. Theres nothing to worry about.
  8. Can you clarify refrence the heli-pad for me? I am confused. Does that mean we can not call a helicopter to meet us at the hospital pad, with out the pt going through the ED first?
  9. We are a volly service. As such we cant be AS picky as other places. But we have a good training program in place. There are three phases you have to complete before you can get behind the wheel. First you have to ride in the front and in the back a certian number of times. Not only to get you oriented to the ambulance, but you also get an idea of operations and how to be an effective crew member even if you are just a first responder or FF. Second you have to do an amount of rides in a non-emergent non-paitent status. To show you can drive the ambulance and are comfortable with it. All of these have paperwork documenting them as well. Third, you drive full calls, with a trainer next to you. Once you have done a certian amount of those, and everyone you have driven feels comfortable with you then you are released. Unless I get my hands on you, then you are put through the driving school of Brent, where someone gets in the front, drives like a jackass and I make you do compressions, bag a dummy, and other skills in the back, and lay on the cot. Then you know why NOT to drive like a jackass.
  10. Something about that... just seems... too... convenient. While I am not against CCW, the type of statistics above, seem like someone sat down and pulled some numbers out of their head. And unfortunately these are the stats that become "prime" in a debate.
  11. The only thing we take is the occasional pillow. Being a volly BLS service with 2 - 3 runs a day, we keep enough supplies on our truck to take 2 or 3 runs back to back. One hospital the next county over, which we dont go to very much, makes ambulance packs. Shrink wrapped blankets, towels, pillow case, and I forget what else is in there. Very handy though.
  12. I would get one of the little "Jr. Firefighter" badges off one of the fire trucks. Thats about how much your "EMT" badge will mean to the general public. About the only thing it is good for is.... *thinks* Yeah, I can't think of one time its ever been needed.
  13. Im a newbie around here. And have only been doing this around a year, I know my experience, the pt's who have prayed while in the ambulance with me are usually the older ladies that love to hold on to your hand as well. I have no problem with holding their hands and I have no problem with joining them spiritually in the prayer. I am a Christian and I know that there is alot of power beyond what we have to offer. I don't think it is right to straight up ask if they want to pray with me or not. I always try to remember my pt's because I know there was a reason I happened to be their EMT that day.
  14. Think about this... Sorry to bring back a dead post but everythin in there minus the draft... is happening right now.
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