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  1. Hello all!! I was looking at the reciprocity info for NYS and it seems to only highlight EMTB's. Would NYS grant reciprocity to a Florida Paramedic?Thank you guys!
  2. Greetings my fellow EMS colleagues! Is there anyone among us that works with Montefiore EMS or any other private ambulance service in Bronx New York? I am interested in empolyment as a Paramedic or EMT until a medic spot is opened. Can you offer any info regarding salary and anything else I need to know about employment? Also hows the private vs the City's EMS? Info on the websites are extremely limited. As always your input is greatly appreciated! Thanks again and be safe!
  3. Great idea! I can agree with them as fisdap skills tracker was a requirement when I was in medic school. So i'll introduce both aspects to them.Thanks a mil!!
  4. Thanks.I just checked it out. I will introduce this to my students as well.
  5. Greetings everybody!! Has anyone had an opportunity to use the Knightlite EMS study software to study for the paramedic NR exam and had success? On their website I only see testimonials from those that sat the NR EMTB exam. What did you find to be helpful in your studies? Always grateful for your input!
  6. Thanks for the info folks.Trully appreciate it. thanks for the info folks
  7. Please excuse my bad manners it was late last night when I sent the message and was rushing to go bed for an 8am shift. I humbly apologize! Thanks for any info in advance and please offer as much as you can.Thanks again!
  8. Anyone currently working at any of these EMS agencies, your website has some info or the department but I would like an insiders perspective on working with your agency.Hiring process, how often do you recruit, Salary, certs that increase your initial salary, how the shift runs, workload, opportunities for advancement, retirement,work environment.
  9. congomedic


    Are there any FDNY/EMS EMT's or Paramedics onboard?Just wanted to know, what are the qualifications for promotion to a Lieutenant, Captain and Battaliion chief? Also are there lots of opportunities for OT? Does the city or department pay for having a job related degree?Are there any other certifications that can increase your base salary?
  10. 'Richard B the EMT' t Due to my current knowledge of "Hands On", even from an EMS viewpoint, I don't believe in "On-Line" classes for either EMS or Fire, until one is already completed a "classroom didactic and 'lab'" class. Both FDNY and FDNY EMS have some "in house" "on line" mandatory classes, but most of that is for refresher or updates, and it is INTRAnet, not INTERnet. Also, EMTs, Paramedics, and Fire Fighters in FDNY have to return to the Academy for regularly scheduled classes. Don't take the class, and one risks suspension Richard B, the training academy in question requires over
  11. Forgive the ignorance... but is there even an online fire academy? How could that be accomplished? Yes there is.Heres the link. http://trainingdivision.com/Academy.asp
  12. This is the institution I had in mind. http://trainingdivision.com/Academy.asp This is the institution I had in mind. http://trainingdivis...com/Academy.asp
  13. If you are seriously moving to Florida, you are wasting your time doing fire academy in any other state. Go to firehouse.com, there are tons of threads dedicated to this very topic concerning Florida. Florida does not hand out reciprocity. There is a challenge process but it is very difficult and very rare that someone completes it. FL Fire Academy is 450 clock hours, it is 6 months part time or 3 months full time. It is run like a boot camp at most places and there are long waiting lists to get in. I appreciate the advice and will take your word however to say "hand out reciprocity
  14. I don't know his motivation in asking, but in his defense, Florida is a very heavy Fire-Medic state. Because of that I considered it a valid question, if not clear. My only motivation here is that theres an online fire academy that I've been looking into in Texas (TD) that has a very rigid academy. Lectures are all online but the practical aspect you have to go the academy for a few weeks for a boot camp and to be tested by the state. Seeing that you would have to in most cases literally stop your job to attend fire academy for 3 1/2 months it seems like a great option for those who
  15. Considering Texas doesn't have a fire 1&2 cert, my guess would be no... Ok. So Texas only offers the course I gather? Doesn't matter what training you have. You must go through Florida's academy. Thanks. Congo
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