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  1. Sorry could not help myself sharing stuck in my head after dealing with a resident.
  2. Send some to me we need at least 8 feet if not more to defeat this drought. Besides I love snow
  3. Lone I will drag you kicking and screaming into service and to class to get you medic license, nursing license or whatever!!!!!!!!! jk but seriously I will. Miss you hope you get better soon. Stop having accidents sheesh last time I talked to you, you got hit by a car on your motorcycle. Stay Safe take care Lone.
  4. LOL Medic65 love the Chuck Norris comment. So very True
  5. Go-Go Crash Go-Go is for always wanting to be busy and Crash well you really don't want to know.
  6. If there was ever a scene where it went from safe to unsafe, that's when you do something they call EVACUATE. Til the police can arrive and get the situation under control. Martial Arts is not for EMS at all. In Nebraska and I'm sure that it may be different in other places but anyway. You are not allowed to use force unless Law Enforcement is there and they are assisting you. Hence is why on all our medical calls Law enforcement is on the location with us. Martial Arts have been define in many websites that it is another term for art of combat or war. It is a Kill or Be Killed mentality sp
  7. http://www.1011now.com/nebraskacentralnews/headlines/Police_No_Drive-By_Nebraska_Man_Shot_Self_in_Leg_118581954.html Seriously, Youre pulling Im a victim of a drive by shooting. Really next time make it a bit more realistic.
  8. darn it Mike you have to spoil everything. jk Oh well maybe next time
  9. http://www.ems1.com/...nswer-911-call/ You are a bad EMT or Medic When you leave your 2 and 4 year old home alone to answer a call. Seriously we have bad parents out there enough without adding to it. Come on People THINK for once!!!!!
  10. I wear a T-Shirt but It looks professional to the point that only icon on the shirt is the Star Of Life. Now T-shirts from the sister company of Black Helmet is not proper for a uniform. I do have to say that the t-shirts came in handy when having to deal with Patients that were infested with Bed Bugs made decontamination much easier. But My Company is a small ambulance department thoung not like those in the bigger cities.
  11. lets see what we can come up with. I'll Start. You know you are having a bad day in EMS when You take off part of the building when pulling out of the ambulance bay. I actually did that and in my defense modern day ambulances are made to be stored in bays for the 1970s bays. Which are made for the 1970s vans back then. Luckily it was an ambulance that was being traded in for a new one. So the boss wasn't to mad and thought it was funny since it only cracked the weld on the running board of the ambulance.
  12. http://www.ems1.com/ambulances-emergency-vehicles/articles/984638-Air-bag-was-non-operational-in-NM-ambulance-crash/ No Working Air Bags? Really? If you cant protect your employees then don't be on a board of a Company that specializes in helping others.
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