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  1. I'm pretty sure I know what company you worked for, and I work for them too. I'm sorry that you've been through all of this. Unfortunately these injuries occur monthly at this company, and you're not the first one who has gotten thrown under the bus. Get yourself a new lawyer who will put this company in their place, and hopefully make it a better place for anyone else who ends up working for them!
  2. Thanks for all the advice! You all really just confirmed my choice to continue on with my education, because really, EMTB's are a dime a dozen and it would be really difficult to live on that salary, especially if I try to pay for school later. Kate, I've been looking at Howard CC as well as Cecil CC. Howard has been really difficult in trying to contact someone about more information, and although they have a solid program, they are a good hour's drive from me not counting rush hour traffic. What are your opinions on AAS programs vs certificate programs? My reasoning is that having an AAS on top of my Bachelors isn't going to make me much more marketable. The skills are the same for both programs. The only thing that the AAS has over the certificate is A&P and other science classes (All of which I already have). Thoughts?
  3. Hey all, I've been on these boards for a few years now, mainly sitting back and learning from everyone, but now I have a question for you all. I've been an EMT-B for almost 4 years now; got my start volunteering doing 911, but since being in college my main area of EMS has been IFT. After much thought/debate/prayer, my heart is set on a career as a paramedic. It's the time of year where everyone at my University is lining up job interviews, going to job fairs, applying for grad school, but what should I do? Part of me just wants to be done with school for a while (K-12 and then 4 years of undergrad takes a lot out of you!) and jump right in as an EMT-B with the county fire department. While jumping right in as an EMT-B sounds good, I'm fearful that if I don't go back to school right away for my medic, then I will lose the motivation to do so. This might sound bad, but as I'm looking around for schools to get my AA degree as a paramedic, I'm being turned off by some of the prerequisites that they want me to take...let me explain. As an undergrad I took a variety of science classes including A&P 1 and 2, and some of these paramedic programs will accept my A&P but want me to take the prerequisites for A&P even though I already have A&P! It just seems backwards to me. Why take the prerequisites when I already have the class? So I guess my question can be summed up as this: Upon graduation, do I apply for classes in the Fall and begin my Paramedic studies? Or should I take some time off and work as an EMT-B? I feel like the answer is obvious, but any outside advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks! Westside
  4. While I do agree that stuff happens, if you hop/rub a curb AND cause damage to the unit, as the driver of that unit, you are responsible for damages incurred while you operate it. If you get into some sort of collision that in no way/shape/form is your fault, then you shouldn't have to pay for any of the damage. Really, the only times that we hop a curb are when we simply aren't paying attention, are in a hurry, or just misjudge our turn. None of those are really "accidents", since they all can be avoided. You break it, you buy it...or at least help pay for it.
  5. Haha, no it's not Transcare. Similar private company though. I agree with you that the punishment should fit the crime, and that the person's employment file at the company should be looked at. If they are an exemplary employee, and this was their first infraction, then firing is totally out of line. Dock them the pay to fix the damage and call it a day.
  6. I hit the curb at least once every month! I've never dented or scratched a rim, but I've definitely went up and over curbs before. Our company policy is that if you cause any damage to the unit, then it comes out of your paycheck. Not sure how much you pay, but I know of a few one co-worker who is still paying for a ding in the rear step that happened 6 months ago! Just explain that you hit the curb and honestly didn't know that there was any damage caused. Good luck!
  7. sacemt, I have the same problem. Online pants never fit right, and it's just not worth the hassle. I just go to Walmart and buy Dickies brand pants.
  8. http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1050.html Sorry, I couldn't find anything on McDonald's!
  9. I'm really good at hiding from Dispatch...I don't think they would ever find me! But really, if we're on a call and they don't hear from us for a half hour, they'll key us up to check on us.
  10. I wore this one from Target for 6 months until today: ProSpirit® Fastwrap Digital Analog Sports Watch - Black $12.99 But soon after I bought it the second hand broke and just free-spun around. It wasn't a big deal since the digital seconds still worked. I go for a watch that has both analog and digital abilities. Analog is good for a quick glance at the time, and digital is good b/c I keep in in 24hr time to make report writing and telling time at work easier. Haha. Then today I bought a similar looking one from Walmart that is hopefully a bit beefier and will hold up. I like Velcro bands, but they do have a tendency to collect some funky smells after awhile.
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