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  1. That's why I don't like 'A Baby Story,' I agree that its teaching women that they can act like that and that its ok because they are pregnant. You shouldn't make your co-workers suffer all because you are "pregnant". If one of my co-workers would act like that, I'd ignore them and not talk to them again, just because your pregnant don't mean that I have to deal with your bitchy ass. . I find it crazy that there are people out there that will give in just because she's pregnant, and they dont want to put her under any stress.. My response is, your showing her that its acceptable for her to act like this because people are going to give in to her, and then she'll think that she's able to act like that with everyone, and that's not the case. I can understand, somewhat if there was a problem with the pregnancy, however just to get people to do what ever she wants when ever she wants is wrong. Not all people like kids, not all people want to hear about your kids, remember that. And there are people that dont care how many times little johnny went 'poopy in the potty.' Some people just don't care. Yes, I'm sure your proud of your kid. But that don't mean that everyone cares and wants to know the details. Infact, most people are probally just listening to be nice.
  2. Yes, there are some women that want to be catered to when they are pregnant, and they expect everyone to bow down to them because they are "with child." Big deal get over it. We didnt' get you pregnant we shouldn't have to put up with you bitching and complaining all the damn time.. Take my cousin for example, she got pregnant twice, and each time, she expected everyone to do whatever she said, when she said it. It was annoying. I didnt get her pregnant so why should I have to deal with her? Needless to say, both times that she was pregnant, I ignored her and stayed away from her. She called me one time to babysit her 'oldest' because she couldn't handle them both at the same time, and my response was, 'you should have thought about that before you got pregnant again.' Call me what you may, but I'm not going to bend over backwards to please you, when ever I'm not the one that got you in the situation to begin with.
  3. Anyone know the number for the "Steve Wilkos" Show? I'm sure he'd love to be involved in this also. Hell we should do a re-enactment, and send it in to america's funniest home videos! And then split the winnings
  4. I have fallen victim to all of these
  5. Journey-Revelation, Poision- Greatest Hits, and New Kids on the block- 'The Block"
  6. Since when do drama queens file lawsuits? With that being said, I have a feeling that if that 'person' goes to a lawyer looking to file a lawsuit, they are going to laugh at them, and tell them to get out of their office and quit wasting their time. But if they do happen to find a lawyer that does happen to take their case, it should get interesting. To the person, who said about banning her forever, it probally wouldn't help, because all you'd have to do is reset the ip address and bango your back in, unless the admin on this site is alot smarter then the admin on another site. But you know what, there have been some funny drama queens in that chat room, however I must say this one takes the cake. Filing a lawsuit against someone who, checked their facts. . . However you could always file a countersuit, for emotional distress. Take her to Judge Judy...she'll tell that person how it is They are just my thoughts.
  7. Single. I know that this is going to sound really Cliche', but I dont want to get married until I'm 1,000 percent sure that I could spend my life with him, and even with that, you can't always be 100 percent sure that its always going to work out... You could be fully devoted to your spouse but unless they are devoted to you, then your screwed.
  8. ahh Les, the queen of drama strikes again.....Its all a ploy to get 'Scotty' back, again, because chances are if she went to this extent, Ed went back to his wife again! Les, seriously, you need to see medical help for your psychological problems. IT truley is unhealthy, and to the mother, you might want to go see a different doctor than your daughter.One doctor can't provide the help that you guys need. Also, your drama is getting OLD, find a new hobby, and get a life.
  9. Ok now for my real wish...I wish for black eyes to stay in place And for chairs that are fall off proof.
  10. I know but my post got deleted. Perhaps it was a bit sarcastic, however it's still true, and funny. Now for my real Christmas wishes, I wish that Santa would pass out spell checkers out...Oh and all that stuff about world peace, or peace on earth.
  11. Who really cares if they are gay, straight, or bi? As long as they can do their job, their sexuality shouldn't matter.
  12. My question is Why were you listening to their phone conversations to begin with?
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