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  1. Britt207

    Rules of Usage: Drunk Dialing

    I have fallen victim to all of these
  2. Britt207

    Three Albums or CDs that defined your life................

    Journey-Revelation, Poision- Greatest Hits, and New Kids on the block- 'The Block"
  3. Britt207

    EMTBASIC_911_911 was in a wreck friday

    ahh Les, the queen of drama strikes again.....Its all a ploy to get 'Scotty' back, again, because chances are if she went to this extent, Ed went back to his wife again! Les, seriously, you need to see medical help for your psychological problems. IT truley is unhealthy, and to the mother, you might want to go see a different doctor than your daughter.One doctor can't provide the help that you guys need. Also, your drama is getting OLD, find a new hobby, and get a life.
  4. Britt207

    December Ambulance Crash Log

    Can I get an AMEN Annie?
  5. Britt207

    Obama A Killer?

    Lol. I agree Don that is funny!!
  6. Britt207

    Attempt to Kidnap Obama Uncovered...........

    I personally got a good chuckle from it, however others found it offensive.
  7. Britt207

    Your Song of the Day

    "You" by BuckCherry.
  8. Britt207

    Take it or Leave it game

    Leave it...Takes a can of soup
  9. Britt207

    Take it or Leave it game

    Leaves the book.....Takes a copy of Twilight.
  10. Britt207

    Take it or Leave it game

    I'll take the NKOTB Cd's, and leave a dozen cupcakes.
  11. Britt207

    For the female EMS'ers out there

    Well Don, you must not be allowed to have your opinion. She obviously hasn't ever talked to you, or else she would know that your not sexist. But that would have to include her removing her head from her ass... I don't see that happening.
  12. Britt207

    Medics make big mistake!! Or did they?

    Well if the mother was just going to refuse care for her child, why would she have called 911 and not just taken her to the ER herself?
  13. Britt207

    Medics make big mistake!! Or did they?

    Well, if she wanted to transport her daughter herself why would she have called 911? hmmm
  14. Britt207

    Come to the UK!

    I agree Don, it is time to move now that Osama , i mean Obama got elected.
  15. Britt207

    Your Song of the Day

    Let Me Fall- Alexz Johnson