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  1. Edmonton, Calgary, Ft McLeod, Slave Lake to my knowledge. Basically anywhere there's a supervisor with AHS.
  2. Its a little late but welcome back brother, good to hear from you! I am starting to feel "it" after almost a decade in the business and can only imagine how you are feeling and what you are going through, keep busy man. Know that I'm pulling for you and thank you personally for your contribution to our profession and all of your years of service.
  3. It's sad that those who work for AHSEMS have to worry what they say in public forum's on the internet. Freedom of speech? Nope you work for AHS. We might as well become communists, at least the government will officially have the right to control of our lives. AHSEMS = Waste of my Tax dollars. (oh and a big contributor to the Alberta's $4,000,000,000 deficient this year.) Hey Redford here's one. PATIENT CARE. Thats why i do what i do not for money, two pension plans, bonuses, or power. They only control you if you let them.
  4. To add to Hell's Bell's info AHS just updated their policy. He is right with having to give 4 days availability, and you must work a min of 2 shifts a month to maintain casual status. (It used to be 2-4 shifts every 3 months.) Although the pay is good, they do not look after their employee's. Good luck getting accomidation if you hurt yourself. Also if you are casual and not in the two big cities you are palced into shift bidding slots for the whole zone. So you can be expected to commute 50km-300km for one 24 hour shift. (ON YOUR OWN DIME and cannot choose where you go.) Unless its in the north of the province, where they have a seperate agreement to get KM's paid. "We are one" when it saves them money. Personally I am not working for them Full Time because of how badly they provided service to my home town and how they screwed my wife over after she hurt herself at work. Also because of my morals and ethics I cannot stand predatory management and liar's.
  5. I personally know of 4 people who have left BC to come to AB. And thats just for better work conditions/ pay. Oh and 1 of those to take their EMT-P (ACP) But its a step in the right direction! Keep them local and hopefully increase the ALS coverage in BC. ALS has been around since the 70's, eh.
  6. I teach a JIBC/EMR blended model here in Alberta. (Just throw out the BC related things.) And its basically the same curriculum. But as already posted, it should just be a simple fact of taking the equivency exams. www.albertacollegeofparamedics.org Good Luck!
  7. Always seems to be the case. Sometimes the real hero's are those that choose to do something and extend that Defib time so us paid professionals can do something about it. I'd vote for him!
  8. Just to remind you guys that your "nameless employer" does not tell you that if you are in anyway disiplined etc in Alberta for trying to use your right to refuse unsafe work via OH and S. It is a $500,000 fine! Remind them of this next time they try and push you farther. I was young and dumb once. And had a 42 hour day and put on 1800km/s with a 20 min nap in that span.(private ambulance service) BE SAFE i've spinal'd and coded too many of our own in the north. Oh and to stay in-line with the thread. We have a micky mouse rural ER in town, but its two and a half hours to a Level I,II or III.
  9. In high school i drove my parents 1990 Chev Suburban, house on wheels! 2003 Ford Ranger FX4 4x4 2010 Dodge Caliber auto CVT (HORRIBLE FUEL ECONOMY FOR A 4 banger!) 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 (20% more fuel for 400% more vehicle!) I've also owned a 03' Kawasaki z750s, did 110km/hr in first gear! (It had 6.)
  10. I have to agree. I want to vote Raj just for a change in AHS... but liberals? I think your right Hells. Minority.
  11. My wife who was an EMT also has a severe career ending back injury. Talk to your doctor about Lyrica. It'll help you sleep and its NOT a benzo. Its 99.9%^kidney (although not recommended you can have some ETOH without killing your liver.) It helps with neuropathic pain, depending on the cause of it. Be careful with dosing, start small.
  12. Here in Alberta we just had our distracted law put into effect this year. In rural AB with long transport times texting still happens. Pisses me off. We are exempt for calls if they are directly EMS related.... the public doesnt know it and always gives us a sour look. Its getting better. I just hope it gets A LOT better before someone gets hurt, or they put camera's into our units.
  13. Ironic... I dont support either of these candidates. But they show up on my screen anyways?! Attached is the print screen to explain... lol
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