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  1. i did try that but nothing came up...
  2. Well yesterday i was in mass at a fire apparatus expo...i saw some books but didnt have cash on me....but i want to find these books they are very interesting... Well the books are: The twelth hour....The usual...Everyone goes home....Lights and sirens....if anyone knows where i could find them that would be great...i have tried amazon ebay and barnes and noble...any other places would be good...thanks
  3. Im not a medic but that would be their decision....I would have to call for a chopper to take this patient to a neonatal hospital....i would have a liason from the hospital talk to the parents telling them thier child is in very serious condition...i would let the parents stay with the pt till the chopper got to the hospital...
  4. THe baby is not breathing WNL it shoudl be 20-40 bpm, you should get a medic and called the hospital about a neonatal trauma,espically with unequal diameter of pupils, unknown cause of siezure and get the hell out of there and on the road!!
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