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  1. Thanks for the invite. I've been doing this for so long that I look at everything on patients. Not just resp stuff. Get a big picture Look at home meds, labs, H&H, , BNP, CBC,creat, K+, Na, liver, renal panel, ammonia..it all plays the part..
  2. Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself. I'm a BS, RRT of 26 years. Usually work ED and ICU. Intubation, trach changing, aortic balloon pump certified as well as arterial line placement, ACLS and PALS. I probably don't have much to add, but would enjoy chatting with you folks. I've been working with EMS half my life and enjoy you people and value your help. Thanks for letting me be part of your group.
  3. Hey EMS folks: new to the site. Interesting topics though. I'm a B.S., RRT-Clinical Specialist of 26 years. Cut me some slack, I'm not EMS. I enjoy working with you folks in ED. The right hand intubation method question, no idea. Never attempted it. I'm ambidextrous but always intubated left. That is until we started using the GlideScope few years ago. My strangest position with it has been intubating standing to the side of the bed and going backwards. Those instruments are amazing. As for regular larygascope, Mac or Miller, either work for me. Whatever the nurse hands me.
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