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  1. I am doing the things I need to succeed Dwayne, although I keep forgetting to report my progress to you in a timely fashion. I think perhaps you're the one with the arrogance here. I don't run from things that make me uncomfortable; perhaps in my younger years before I got a backbone ... Let me tell you something about me. Something about me: - sounds corny, but when adversity hits and takes me down, I roll with the punches after my 5 minute mope and get back up again - I don't sit around feeling sorry for myself when something goes wrong in my life, I do something about it - I run with
  2. It's merely one option I'm considering. I realize the difference in systems and costs; scope of practice is much different than what I currently have. Health care for myself is a concern in the US, as I recently saw the ambulance bill for my dad's AMI in November (he lives near San Diego). $2700!!! They fuggin' charged $80 for oxygen and $30 a mile for transport? Come on ... Anyhow, I'm looking at several options. Certainly not for the $$ if I move south, I make more than twice as much here as I would in any US state. I'm looking for new experiences and have several options.
  3. Actually the OP is Canadian chick I have an American dad (no relation to the infamous Stan Smith we see on TV), and a Canadian mom. My dad moved back to the US after being a 1) landed immigrant, then 2) permanent resident after 9/11. He never gave up his US citizenship and moved back in 2005. I'm just tired of the short summers and would rather move somewhere with steadily 'reasonable' weather. Plus I want to explore more, and my occupation allows me to do so. I am looking into both OZ and AZ (along with a couple other states). Time to change things up for Siffy
  4. That helps a bunch DFIB, thank you. I didn't realize EMT courses were available online there so that's great info. I've got 6 years in the field here already, so if I have to do a couple of online courses it will be good review. PERCOM was the name of the school? As for a green card, not a problem for me. I have several relatives who are Americans residing in the US including my dad, and the Consulate has told me (in no uncertain terms) that I have an ace in the hole with that. Again, thanks for the info
  5. Been city for 4 years now, not long compared to some but my senority has moved wayyyyy up due to high turnover ... Anyhoo, I've never seen morale this low.
  6. I've received this survey and have filled it out. Why wouldn't I do so simply because I work in Edmonton? Because I won't paint my job with a happy shmappy brush? Finally after nearly 3 years, AHS is starting to realize "whoa wait a minute, maybe we aren't doing as well as we have been telling everyone" ... they might actually be starting to listen to us.
  7. It's not the job that's tough, it's generally the BS surrounding it. Some issues which have already been stated are: - shift work (mental and physical exhaustion) - lack of free time (also see above) - work politics (stay out of this completely) Make every effort to keep yourself "balanced", as this will certainly contribute to longevity in the field.
  8. Retirement planning for the lottery ...

  9. A couple good points rom. He has however due to previous issues worn out his welcome with me. Not that it means much, so I guess after trying to take time and being lied to I'm being a dismissive asshole. Have fun with him.
  10. He's a 16 year old kid who hasn't even started school yet. These guys are correct, he will ask a random question, hasn't done any reading, contributes nothing to the post he started.
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