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  1. Before I begin, I have to say something on behalf of all EMTs, who were referred to as "poor BLS buggers...who can't do much else...". EMTs are the cornerstone of EMS, and having served as one myself for half of my 18 year career, am proud to have done so. I've learned more as an EMT than anyone would/could imagine. Being a good EMT has allowed me to become a good EMT-P. And as for "not being able to do much else", well, in my opinion, what else is there to do? EMTs can handle any trauma case presented them, can handle OB/GYN and field deliveries, can treat anaphylactic shock with SUB-Q e
  2. Ofcourse I've been called when not really needed. It's an inherent part of a multi-tiered EMS system. Having been an EMT for 9-10 years prior to advancing to EMT-P, I myself have called for a MED unit perhaps when I may not have needed one. So I've been on both sides of the coin. My feelings on this? So what? Better safe than sorry. If nothing else, it can be used as an educational experience between all of the involved rescuers.
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