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  1. Old folks Still here?

    I just logged in for the first time in probably 3 years... funny this thread is at the top of my recommendations. To be honest... I don't even lurk anymore. Life just gets in the way.
  2. Tranexamic acid

    Anyone heard of putting TXA on a gauze and cramming it into an uncontrolled hemmorage? Heard of one case in the #FOAM world used on a uncontrolled hemorrhage in the oral cavity, but cant find the reference. Definatly gonna call med control to try for orders when I get the opportunity
  3. When it sucks to use sux

    And just what educational foundation do you formulate this 'opinion' from? Or did you pull it from the years of experience as a primary field RSI practitioner?
  4. Good ways to kill patients

    Seen that too. Used as a Good thing I was there to find a bvm.
  5. Good ways to kill patients

    OK, but for every one we put, you have to put one too. You have 3, so here are 3 more. Unnecessary spinal immobilization with LSB. Being too proud to ditch ett after a couple attempts, and moe to alternative airways. Leaving Paramedic school, and never looking at legit medical literature again, and instead relying on repetition (calling it experience) to maintain competence.
  6. Intermittent Atrial Fib

    Verampimil with Metoprolol? How dare you!!
  7. Intermittent Atrial Fib

    I'm going with a few puffs from MDI, and a trip to the er. Watch for edema post MDI admin.
  8. Gender Uncertainty & Good Manners

    This is a great point. As we all know, some people are searching for a reaction, and are going to get offended and dramatic no matter what.
  9. Gender Uncertainty & Good Manners

    OK here is your scenario,...... you are me. 2nd scenario: You call for orders: "Hello Dr, I have a 22 year old bla bla bla....." Dr asks the gender, *you look like an idiot. Scenario 3: Abd pain at or below the level of the navel.
  10. Gender Uncertainty & Good Manners

    oh good one! Also I ask the spelling of your full name. 'Sam - Samantha' 'Pat - Patrick' Another is to ask if they have kids, and if so get a few details that may lead to some indicators. I have also asked about any recent genital infections or STD's..... A lot of times - if female they will report a yeast infection within the last year. One of the areas I cover has a population of transvestites living there, I just flat out ask the guy-looking person who is wearing a dress and a 5o'clock shadow "Do you have a penis?" It's akward for them.... but it passes. Other than that just wait till your at the hospital and let them sort it out lol.
  11. A humbling call

    First off.... Welcome to the city! Regarding your post - your grammar is so terrible I can't really make out what your trying to say. You have had 12 continuous patients at all levels?? Then you went on to tell me to get a history?? Or maybe you are saying you don't miss pulses because you get a history before treating suspected cardiac arrests? I dunno.... The point I was making is that this patient obviously DID have a pulse, one which I was unable to detect after 10years of detecting pulses on all types of patients. I was simply acknowledging that the science has now aligned with my experience.
  12. Cloudy urine in trauma

    Sweet! Thanks for all your effort doc!!
  13. A humbling call

    Well here I am..... after nearly 10 years of continuous patient interaction at some level it finally happened. I went to a call for a 60y/o choking (didn't know he was choking), and I couldn't feel a pulse. No carotid No radial No nothing. I looked at him when I entered the room, and was thought "yup.... he's dead" then confirmed it when I couldn't find a pulse. I moved his arm off his chest as to start compressions, and noticed it was rigid. Then the unthinkable happened.... he put his arm back to his chest! I redirected my focus and started bagging his stoma, and my partner snapped on an Sp02 monitor to find a waveform and a readout. couple breaths in he started getting some colour back and somewhere over the next while we pulled out an obstruction. Full recovery No CPR Ain't that some shit. Guess I'm human too?
  14. Cloudy urine in trauma

    Top sample all the way! was flowing clear.... then suddenly, bam..... turned to photo #1
  15. Cloudy urine in trauma

    The 70 year old kyphosis patients will be so happy!