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  1. I just logged in for the first time in probably 3 years... funny this thread is at the top of my recommendations. To be honest... I don't even lurk anymore. Life just gets in the way.
  2. Anyone heard of putting TXA on a gauze and cramming it into an uncontrolled hemmorage? Heard of one case in the #FOAM world used on a uncontrolled hemorrhage in the oral cavity, but cant find the reference. Definatly gonna call med control to try for orders when I get the opportunity
  3. Not an anecdote at all my friend! ETC02 has been a proven effective guide to measure quality of compressions and feasibility of positive outcome. ETC02 has NOT proven to be accurate with King airways of LMA's. That's enough right there for me to use Ett for cardiac arrest. That being said, I rarely need to interrupt CPR to place one.... and when I do need to, I do it when we are switching out compressors. I really think the "problem" with intubating codes is in the intubator, not the procedure. Is the jury still out on the whole "King airways decrease cerebral blood flow"? Haven't seen much on that in the last year.... *Does anyone else find the term "intubator" a little dirty to say?
  4. I say kill the Propofol as well, how about ketamine for a while and see what the pressure does. Has her blood been crossmatched? I'd love to get some hanging.... should do good things for pressure, as well as oxygen delivery.
  5. And just what educational foundation do you formulate this 'opinion' from? Or did you pull it from the years of experience as a primary field RSI practitioner?
  6. See this is an assumption on your part. The lack of an inquiry does not indicate a lack of inadequacy. It also does not measure success. STARS is such a PR powerhouse in this province, what doctor would sign his name too it?
  7. What are you using to gauge their success? Lack of an inquiry showing failure does not indicate success.
  8. Yes we do. They are a little lighter and more compact. I am really neutral though. They look like they were made by LEGO, and I appreciate the see-thru CPR. But the ETCo2 is a pain to get operating. The thing I honestly like best is that they fit nicely on the head of the stretcher due to the low profile, but that's a pretty small reason.
  9. You change the X-series into 'pediatric' or 'neonate" mode and it alters the joules automatically.
  10. Honestly, I think you will find most at this forum are too thoughtful and scientific to share the opinions of their programs. Your asking for the results of an N=1 study to base your entire educational experience, and career on, and not even giving us a little personal background or purpose to your question. To be honest, your being a little too shallow here and you should really try another approach. A good friend of mine went to NAIT and hated it because there was no consistency in instructors. Another good friend of mine was in the same class and loved the diversity of having inconsistent instructors. See my point? Depending on which one of those guys you happen to ask, you will get either a rave, or a rant, but neither applies to the school, they apply to the student. Opinion doesn't mean shit without knowing your purpose.
  11. I dunno man...... That pretty well covers every school and excludes every school at the same time! The reality is, the schools have to adhere to the NOCP's, the difference is in the delivery of the program. Is one superior to the next?? There is no way to tell without having multiple people take each course then evaluate them. I had a great experience at my school, but one of my classmates had a terrible time. So since I am on this forum and he's not, is it fair for me to give good reviews? You should figure out what delivery format suits you best, and which province you want to work in, and start narrowing your search. As far as a "fly car" (Called PRU here *Paramedic Response Unit), they are typically a coveted Metro or suburban rotational job. It is not common to be placed on a PRU exclusively, however those positions do exist....... like maybe 6 in all of Alberta. PRU's are typically staffed by Supervisors that are out of scope and do not respond routinely to calls as they are out of scope. So you need to be a little more clear about your goals of education, as well as career. Then we can try steer you in the right direction.
  12. I have grown to embrace this question. I have a standard answer these days: Worst thing I've ever seen was an electrical burn to a man's foot. Yeah.... it's not gory..... but I have a huge foot phobia! Seriously! I can't even touch my own!. That usually gets them laughing..... Then I change the tone and end the conversation with one sentence. *Honestly, if I told you the worst thing I have ever seen, you would not sleep for a week..... Just squeeze your kids tight everyday. It gets me out of an uncomfortable situation, and at the same time makes them realize that we are not just ambulance drivers picking up stubbed toes. We do have to deal with real tragedy and carry that burden for others.
  13. Medical assessment is key here, but here is one more piece of advice. Never treat his hypoglycemia at the station without transport. If a Dr sees regular ER visits for hypoglycemic episodes he will freeze his drivers licence until he has a period of normoglycemia, (usually 1 year here). Treating him without transport is simply enabling. As a side note: How about station-wide physical fitness requirements? Mandatory workout time? Annual fitness checks?
  14. Yes we use them. They are fixed at one end with a clasp mechanism, and the other end is a seatbelt clasp for simple quick operation. I'll try to find some pics. The trick is simple removal and machine washable. Don't bolt them to the wall.
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