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  1. She'd been diagnosed with Cancer in October so we knew it was coming. This has definitely been a learning experience for me. They always tell you that people grieve differently but it makes more sense when you see it in front of you. Anger, denial, it's all right there. Thanks for sharing your stories and support guys, I hope that I get to build my experience base and be a better EMT because of it.
  2. Yeah as just a 3 year EMT it was my first slow one. And like I said I haven't had to experience it first hand in my own family. You guys are all spot on. I felt too clinical instead of emotional, and that they weren't being emotional at all. I don't feel "so" affected. Like 2/10 on the discomfort scale. Just a new sensation for me I guess It just seems easier to be part of the care team instead of the watching/preparing for grief side of things.
  3. So I watched my boyfriend's mum die on Monday early morning. It was peaceful, and calm, and she went surrounded by family. But I was uncomfortable the whole time. Because I knew things they didn't. I saw things they didn't. Smelled, heard, felt... you get the picture. We showed up for an afternoon visit and she was unresponsive, resps 32, labored, snoring. Cool to the touch, but diaphoretic. Mottling to the extremities. And for me little flags are going off about what's happening to her body. But boyfriend's family is talking about the real estate market, or shopping or work drama. W
  4. Lesson of the day. Living off tootsie rolls, although delicious, will give you a gnarly headache.

  5. I'm really glad to hear that you're floored. That means the support is coming through! I'll gladly take some gear off your hands! And I'd love to meet your pup! Kate's mission is amazing, what a heartfelt journey. And I'm happy you're finding joy in supporting it! I'll definitely send some coin her way
  6. First DOA as attendant. Not pretty.

  7. Hey tniuqs! You're one of the biggest reasons I started into this career and you're the reason I am on this forum. I had a wicked bad day that will likely haunt me on the job this morning and even though I almost never post, and rarely read up, thanks to you I felt like this was a safe community to maybe talk it out. I met ya when I was 17, and even though we don't keep in touch much, I often think about the years you've put in to this field, and that I hope to help as many people as you have. I sometimes think of it as the science-y nerd that I am, in that energy cannot be created
  8. MMMmm Pharmacology group project. BLEH.

  9. SWEET! Honestly I missed Chuck, and Trauma made me want to ..... well... upchuck. I suppose I was entertained but I'm guessing not in the way the producers would've liked. I laughed at the show, not with it. Have you ever wondered if spies and other government agents watch Chuck, and Laugh as much as the EMS community does while watching Trauma?
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