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  1. Typical "AK", taking everything out of context, showing off, and then locking the thread. I will silence myself yet again. Don't ever ask me for help.
  2. Sorry AK. I just felt if people can ask for money for plastic surgery and such, I could try for a child. I've been here for years, just hiding the last few, and especially when Rob died.
  3. Go to Read, help, and pass along if you would please! Thanks!!! AK edited: While I can appreciate your predicament, I think you need to keep this offline. If you wish to write out your story here and then see what comes your way via PM, I am ok with that. What I cannot allow is blatant soliciting for money as eventually everyone will be here doing what you have done. So please, no begging but story sharing is fine.
  4. I am at a loss for words. I haven't been around in quite some time. There is a never ending pit in my stomach now. We used to talk on the phone daily. My fault for not coming around as much anymore.
  5. Boy has this site changed!

    1. JeniF371


      I miss you! Guess where I live now!

    2. Lone Star
  6. My significant other just happens to be my total opposite so it works wonders. We worked opposite shifts, i'm a paramedic, he's a basic so we've had our disagreements...all in all I think it's the person, not specifically the profession.
  7. I went to my local job works office who granted me money for books, uniforms, and fuel for my car. Something to look into if you ask me.
  8. I am a firm believer in pain management for kidney issues, probably due to me being one of the lucky folks who has this. But I am also a firm believer now in thorough assessment and testing! I have hx of stones and went to the ER 04/04 for what I thought to be another stone, they didn't do anything for me due to me having hx and they took my word for this. I got an rx for pain meds and told to drink lots of fluids. Now here it is 2 months later, and after extensive testing with a nephrologist I've been diagnosed with RTA (renal tubular acidosis), i am still in horrid pain, and nothings working
  9. Just don't forget that some young girls do get date raped, and in their minds they still never had sex (due to the fact they weren't consenting to what they did get). I know that's not the majority, but just keep that in mind also.
  10. This will certainly be going a smidge off topic, but honestly how did you handle yourself with a pregnant drunk woman? Whatever medical people say about drinking and pregnancy i'm a zero tolerance kinda gal, and am opinionated about it. I'm not sure I would've dealt with her appropriately.
  11. Yay Eric!!! Way to go man!!! Amber is one lucky chick!!! I loved being married, just not to my husband LOL Dwayne is right and I loved his post!
  12. I agree, just go straight to nursing school. In my area if you've failed school you're less apt to be able to recieve any aid for that same course. Join the military, they have awesome benefits for school.
  13. I agree with the whole tone of voice and choice of wording when dealing with someone unstable. I have seen too many times the paramedic/emt trying to bully the psych into doing what they want them to, and of course it doesn't work. Again all my assualts have been from people that have been out of their minds, not knowing what they were doing at all. I had a diabetic headbutting the side window of the van he was riding in, and then the cot when he was laying on it, so when i got close (even though police were holding him down for me) to access his port, of course I got headbutted. Not his fault
  14. I agree, I haven't been "attacked" per say, but I have been bitten, hit, kicked, etc. Same goes for me also, all of mine have been headbleeds, overdoses, diabetics, etc. I will admit I have yet to have a violent psych patient.
  15. Yummymedic05


    Maybe I could sell some of Betsy Lou's shit on ebay and make 2 grand!
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