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Old folks Still here?


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It has been a long time since the glory days of "City" with Dust, Rid, Mike, AK, and a host of others I would list if there was room. I would love to hear from as many of you from the 10 years ago era who are still around, as well as meet the new crew. I do recognize some names, and will check in as much as I can.

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Hey, North. I'm still around. Don't post much, but I do lurk occasionally. *waves* Apparently this dang thing double-spaces as default... makes my sig look dumb... 




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Still here at times!! Miss you Brother!


Hi all, I was attracted to this thread by a random mail. I am still around too. Has been an interesting couple of years after having a cardiac arrest over there in the States. Have now fully recovered and am back at work. Nice to see some old  names, particularly good to see that Wendy is all grown up now and a proper nurse ;) .Carl









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